My name is Lea and I created this site so those who are embarking on their personal spiritual journey might find guidance.  The journey you are all so familiar with at this time, the “Oh F*%k you mean there is more?” path that you are following.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever that we treat our selves, bodies and all, as sacred. In this sacred contract with our selves, we uphold personal responsibility, grace, and gratitude. Your journey is meant to help you find the way that is right for you and be free from being told who or how to be. Enjoy this journey and I hope I will be able to help you walk it along the way.

All of us are part of the bigger picture that includes dark and light.  Expressing and balancing these two aspects of our being is increasingly important.  For us to become the enlightened residents of Gaia, for the future of our species, we are all evolving.


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SunDog Festival Vernon BC

I am going to be at the Sundog festival in Polson park, Vernon BC on Friday September 22nd and Saturday the 23rd.

Come stop by and see what I am offering! I am giving free Paranormal Consultations and selling my book for a discounted price but only when you come see me.

I am also selling special made resin pyramids, skulls and globes. I will also have my paranormal assist kits with me. The Unique smudge kit, the High strangeness pendulum kit, the Sensitive persons kit, and the Ultra Home grid kit.

Rev. Lea Walters


Coming Psychic & Spiritual Fair October 28th from 11 am to 7 pm

I will have a booth outside to promote my Paranormal Consultation business, sell signed copies of the book, and some mechanize . I also have etched Garden Glass stones, Resin orbs, Resin pyramids, Resin skulls, Altar items, Feather fans, Incense, etc.  My kits: Ultra Home Grid Kit, Unique Smudge Kit, Sensitive Person Kit, and High …


You can contact me by email: at LeaWalters@protonmail.com

You can find my Discord server on the side bar of my blog page, please come join us on “Oh F#%k – you mean there’s more?!” Here is a link to the program. https://discord.com/

I have a personal account on Signal you can reach me there by searching for Lea Walters. Here is a link to the program. https://www.signal.org/

BOTH Discord and Signal are usable on a computer and your phones.

You can follow my podcasts on Spotify, Iheart Radio, SoundCloud, Itunes, and of course on this page.