Photo from 2017, on Saint Pierre Island off the coast of Newfoundland.

My journey in becoming a Woman in Spiritual Evolution has never been a straight road. In pursuit of “knowing,” my adventure has woven and weaved over hill and dale, rocketing into the universe and plunging over cliffs. Within the spiritual community, I think I am pretty typical, as much as we as individuals can be.
Like all of you, I have many moments where I said, “Oh Fuck, you mean there is more!??” I still have those moments…. And hopefully, that continues till I leave to go on to the next big adventure after death.
The metaphysical vehicle I journey with is my uniqueness, the basis for how I interpret the world around me. I was born with an aptitude for rescue mediumship and blessed to be in a family that didn’t stifle this, even if it meant I was left alone. On the contrary, they did their best to encourage it when I was a child, which is the one thing I now have an authentic appreciation for in my family of mostly dysfunctional people

My rescue mediumship began in a Clairvoyant way and grew to all Clair-abilities. I have had contact with the supernatural all of my life. This is the root of my ability to become an observer and why nothing surprises me anymore.
I went on from being a rescue medium who did paranormal consultations and area clearings to a spirit medium who was in service to others as a reader and healer. I worked for many years also as a teacher and facilitator of spiritual groups and organizations. This led to a need for a more extensive toolbox within my reach, so I embarked on getting a fuller metaphysical education. I went on to become a Shaman and a healer of multiple modalities.
Eventually, I wanted to go even further as my principles and ethics craved being truly in service to the community. So, I studied metaphysics and became a Minister. It was at that time I started to compose my books. The idea was, how could I, with integrity, be available to any who could benefit from my explorations, my ministry.
In 2015, my husband Robert and I spent two years in Newfoundland, Canada. A place that genuinely taught me who I was all along by showing me what I did not resonate with and what I was not. I was able to recognize I am also an alchemist and geomancer, returning to my authentic-self unrecognized till this moment and a pivotal point in my spiritual evolution.
As I jokingly call myself, the Woo-Woo woman is often in awe while the bigger picture is shown to me. I am not looking to conform you to my personal beliefs, but instead, so you can find your authentic self and your own resonate truths.  If I can succeed at that one thing, I know I have fulfilled my purpose.
That is the beauty of the time we live in. We are awakened to a quest for personal growth that will connect and complete us in the bigger picture. United, stimulated, growing, and creating the future as a place we want to be.
In my physical form, I am just the conduit for healing and communication, and I will never doubt who did the work. My gratitude includes my star family, spirit guides, guardian angels, and celestials. In addition, I am grateful to all my relations and friends and have no doubt just how important you are.

Be the Evolution you want to see.


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