In Service

(I am only working online at this time due to the pandemic restrictions. Travel and in person consults will resume sometime in the early spring as the restrictions lift. I am fully active and engaged in co-creating what the future in this field will look like.)

NEW – Shamanic coaching service: Are you looking to re-wild your life? Do you desire to have a more in-tuned and personal relationship with nature? Are you mobility limited and looking to find ways to get into the natural world again? I did a years work of shamanic training in 2011 – 2012, and most recently studied online through the Wild Craft Forest and Yasei Shirin YokuTherapy to become a Shamanic coach. I specialize in working with the moblility limits like myself, I want to help those who use canes, walking sticks or walkers to rediscover the trees and parks again.  I look forward to meeting clients and customizing a weekly program to help you re-wild! I am only offering this service in the Fraser Valley are at this time. A special for 2021 is by donation, minimum 20.00 an hour.

Wildcraft Forest School

Paranormal Consultant:
I have 35 years in this field of work as a rescue medium.  My fee is 150.00 flat rate for this service – consult, site visit, education, and clearing. This service includes teaching on any and all levels. Be prepared to learn how to maintain the spirit rescue and clearing. When I teach you how to do this for yourself it then helps you to maintain your personal space in the years to come. A usual on-site visit, lesson, and clearing will take approximately 21/2 to 3 hours. I ask for rights to any discovered information, pictures, video, audio, and experiences. I will blog about my work using the material collected from various jobs. Privacy is very important so no names or locations will be used.

Teachings/Mentoring: I am fully retired from readings and my healing practice, however, I do have over 30 years experience in the metaphysical field as a spirit medium and healer.  I offer sessions online or in person where you can ask me any question, look for guidance to increase and fine-tuning your abilities and exploring your role in the spiritual community.  I have had several successful metaphysical businesses, and continue to be a successful paranormal consultant, these are also skills I can pass along.  I am still involved in the UFO community in BC if you are looking to become involved in that also.  My Mentoring sessions are $40 for 30 minutes time slots.  Group mentoring is $60 for an hour but requires a minimum of 4 people in the group.

Ministry/Service to the dying: Right now I am serving my Ministry with families as they go through the death of a loved one.  I can provide personal blessings, last rites, and mediumship communication with this service.

Courses I am working through in 2020 and 2021: I am currently taking three course online from the Wildcraft Forest and Yasei Shirin YokuTherapy.  The first one is titled ‘Shamanic Coaching Certificate program”.

Of Significance:  I am considerate of the elderly and disabled. I usually accept a donation and mostly work for trade if this is the case. I will not refuse to work for someone who is not able to pay me. Trades can always be worked out. I don’t charge for children under 17. If my Rescue Mediumship services will include working with anyone under 17 it is free during that part of the on on-site.

Please note: I am retired from doing readings as of January 2018.