In Service

Paranormal Consultant:
I have 35 years in this field of work as a rescue medium.  My fee is 150.00 flat rate for this service – consult site visit, education, and clearing. This service includes teaching on any and all levels. Be prepared to learn how to maintain the spirit rescue and clearing. My policy is that if I do not teach you how to do this for yourself then it will happen again. A usual on-site visit, lesson, and clearing will take approximately 2 hours. I ask for rights to any discovered information, pictures, video, audio, and experiences. I am using my rescue mediumship to compile a book. First names used only and no physical address used publicly.

Teachings/Mentorship: I am fully retired from readings and my healing practice, however, I do have over 30 years experience in the metaphysical field as a spirit medium and healer.  I offer sessions online or in person where you can ask me any question, look for guidance in increasing and fine-tuning your abilities and exploring your role in the spiritual community.  I have had several successful metaphysical businesses, and continue to be a successful paranormal consultant, these are also skills I can pass along.  I am still involved in the UFO community in BC if you are looking to become involved in that also.  My Mentoring sessions are $40 for 30 minutes time slots.  Group mentoring is $50 for an hour but requires a minimum of 4 people in the group.  Please check the website often if you are looking for a more structured course.  From time to time I will be teaching weekend classes.

Ministry/Service to the dying: Right now I am serving my Ministry with families as they go through the death of a loved one.  I can provide personal blessings, last rites, and mediumship communication with this service.  I am hoping to start an apprenticeship to become a fully certified death doula this year.

Courses I am working through in 2020: i am currently taking three course online from the Wildcraft Forest and Yasei Shirin YokuTherapy.  The first one is titled ‘Shamanic Coaching Certificate program”.
Of Significance:  I am considerate of the elderly and disabled. I usually accept a donation and mostly work for trade if this is the case. I will not refuse to work for someone who is not able to pay me. Trades can always be worked out. I don’t charge for children under 17. If my Rescue Mediumship services will include working with anyone under 17 it is free during that part of the on on-site.

Please note: I am retired from doing readings as of January 2018.