News letter December 27th to January 3rd

No matter what side you are on, I am sure all of us can agree that focus on treatment can help. It can help with general colds and flu's. It can help with preventing corona-virus from progressing. I am not a medical professional, this is just a detail account of what I have been doing.

The Guide to Spiritual Evolution, session two – for free.

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Session two is a series of interviews with healers talking about their modalities and the importance of self healing. Because it went so well I feel there is more value in gifting this one episode to all the members. Enjoy! Here is the link for the details: Here is the full episode of …

On Pondering Community

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Photo by Kampus Production on Today I am pondering community. I want to express my understanding of our communal experience. So I hope that this podcast will come out to acknowledge our needs and ambitions while at the same time it is reassuring everyone; I am not taking sides. I know the result of …