The Cosmic Hoax: An expose, Dr. Steven Greer

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This documentary is Dr. Greer’s answer to the current government and media disinformation campaign promoting 3 big lies: 1. We do not know what these UAPs/ UFOs are. WE DO. 2. Humans cannot make craft that can maneuver like UFOs. WE CAN and WE DO. 3. The UFOs are a threat. THEY ARE NOT. Share this film widely for FREE if it is in its entirety and is not commercialized or monetized. (If you wish to use it in another way please contact:

Heavy and thought provoking article, from VCC.

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"The political philosopher Karl Popper, watching the Nazi tanks roll unhindered across Europe, had the question come to his mind: Are we witnessing the end of democracy? It’s as relevant a question today as it was 80 years ago. As I write in Words from the Dead:... "