The Authentic Mystic

There is no way of getting around it now, you have to be authentic in your pursuits on all levels.  You cannot force, deny, or manipulate what is meant to be right now.  You will feel off, lost, and at times in physical pain if you stray from the Authentic Mystic in you.
Steps to aligning the Authentic Mystic:
One:  Embracing the dark side.  Now I know you have heard this over and over again for the last few years but if you have not gotten it by now you will be having serious issues with flow in your life.  Most of us reading this blog have done a great job of bringing the dragons out of the closet and dealing with them – so we will look at how this last month we are in a period of darkness.  The best way to navigate what is going on personally for you with this is to look at what is going on in your life that is troubling you.  Do you have issues with others, issues with labeling, issues with your health, issues with the past coming back two fold?  Whatever is coming up for you right now let’s write it down.
Look or listen to your language you are using to be descriptive.  What does it tell you?  How can you turn this around so you are embracing what is being said.
Two: Unity with your archetypes:  The easiest way to explain this is to see ourselves and being outside of time and embracing you at all stages in your life.  Being the Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once.  Multidimensional in your being – not 3 dimensional.
How is this unity or harmony showing up in your life?  Do you have flashes of the past all of a sudden?  Are you feeling like a different version of you?  Maybe you are easily able to approach your friends or associates the same way you would have when you were 10 or 20 years younger?  Do you relate to an “younger” version of you more than you relate to the “you” in the now?
This is you being outside of time, and in touch with the unity in your being.
Proclamation of Archetypal Unity;
I recognize all of me, the young, middle aged and old.  I value and engage with all these archetypes with my heart mind, with an embrace of the soul.  I am comfortable being the “me” I am now in the 5th dimensional energies.  This is exactly what I need right now, this is what is relevant right now, and I trust my higher self sees the bigger picture while guiding me as I continue to grow and become more than I was yesterday.   Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.
Three:  Letting go and going farther than ever

before:  We are all extremely capable of a broad range of attributes.  How many of you know this and are not acting on it?  Now is the time to start a new habit.  There is many ways you can do this so let’s discuss a few of them.

1.      Different means or system of connecting to source and grounding to Gaia.  Remember how we talked about the easier connection to the celestial and the ability to create and manifest on that level?  3rd dimensional manifestation was done in the astral realms.  This is the realm right next to our own.  In the 5th dimensional energies we are able to resonate with the higher celestial energies.

  • 3rddimensional energies needed us to be heavily grounded in order to work in manifestation.  5thdimensional energies require that we stretch our consciousness into the celestial.


2.      Unity consciousness.  As we use the “three heart chakra” centers we are all connected with our heart minds now and with that comes a different connection to empathy.  Pity is out, there is no tolerance to others who are still in the pity party.  In place of pity is a higher vibrational form of Empathy that we will call “Communion”.  (As in interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions; intimate communication.)  This places you in the observer chair.  You know that you do not need to add in drama, you do not need to put your energy in at all unless it resonates with you.  You are extremely aware of your own truth and where you want to place your consciousness and energy.  Self-responsibility, deeper understanding of others is coupled with this change in empathy.
  • As unity continues to grow, we are all going to be very aware of what group we place our self in.  Would you get on the spiritual bus if the driver was not a practiced in spiritualism?  If you are allowing your thoughts to become attached to someone who is in the pity party, are in all ways getting on the wrong bus.  So in order to assist us in going the right way, we have to have a different form of empathy – communion.


We have always been multi-dimensional beings, but now we are capable of understanding and functioning on those multi-dimensions.  If you deny this you will feel off balance.
What if the song “The Gambler” was about spirituality and the journey we are all on?
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