Know and Be Known!

There has been a lot going on in the last 48 to 72 hours.  Can you feel it too?

I started asking questions, listening to friend’s experiences, reading others blogs and connecting with my own unique spiritual (re)sources.  Boy – oh Boy is there a lot of information coming to us right now.
It has been a few months since I have blogged anything despite the fact that I wanted to be focused in on doing so.  Instead my life has been full with compiling information, and doing research.  There are some really great blogs coming in our future I promise.  I am almost at the point where I can publish them so hang in there.  There are four on Rescue Mediumship that are going to be ready about the same time.
Coming back to the present … During my meditation this morning (and Kadoish chanting) I was getting some great information to blog about.  I opened my

blog up to discover that it connects with two posts I did in the late fall of last year.  Here are the links to those blogs so you can be sure to understand how they tie in to what we are experiencing today.

Ok time to turn this over to my guides so they can bring forward what you are waiting to hear.
This blog starts out with the reminder to “know and be known” so that the importance of that can be emphasized.   
“This blog is going to focus on the idea that there is individuality and individual reality within unity consciousness”. 

That while everyone has had a good long break in things for the first three months of this year (I don’t think anyone realized that until this week) that is indeed time to plant our seeds again and start growing again.  We are all plugged back in now and it happened rather quickly didn’t it?

I am going to stay away from labels as much as possible.  Instead of using them I am going to just be descriptive.  Last fall we all went through a last round up and cleaning out of the garbage we failed to deal with during the last 10 plus years prior.  It was an intense mini version of those ten years however for the most part our angels and spirit helpers eased this transition by making it short in duration and simple.  As a result those who did the work – again – are finding that there is a lot of tension build up here in this spring between yourself and those who didn’t succeed.  I know you are aware of what I mean, the few people who feel like they are a thorn in your side are soon to be shifted out of your reality.  Isn’t that good news?
Wave good bye to the old Paradigm dwellers!

At the start of this year we were in an in-between time with shifting gears again.  A lull, grace period, where we could all shut down and relax for a rest.  As I said before, you may not have even noticed till now that it was happening and to what extent.  I would also like to say that is why we have experienced a prolong winter.  As Gia is reflecting and interacting with all of her life is it any wonder there is a blending of the two?  Earth Science 101 (jokes).

I have to say that some of this started for you last year, and you have been waiting for the global village to catch up.  That was important so the energies could be just right for the planting.  Let’s highlight what is going on in the next three months.
1) Remember the word “Exponential” as it really

applies to right now.  There is starting this week a massive shift happening.  It is not going to be pretty, as change on a large scale rarely is.  The most important thing is to drop the attachment to negativity.  Even when you see something that is of the old definition ‘slowed and lowered” energies – remember that you are not in the 3rd dimension anymore.  You need to rise above duality thinking.  That lowered slowed energy needs to be claimed by you and transformed in that claiming.  The moment you think ‘oh that is ugly get away from me” you have set yourself up for a lesson about the new program.  (See the previous blogs mentioned above).  Do not confuse this with fluff and bubbles thinking because it is not.  Nothing is going to be all sunshine and roses.  The universe is not like that.  It is however going to be all about unity consciousness and embracing what that really means.

2) Unity consciousness as we understood before was based on our experience in the 3rd dimension.  In the 5th dimension there is an added 2 dimensions of complexity to that construct.  Yes that is what I said, complexity.  Here is how it is understood.  We are all individuals with separate lives (first dimension) and our life themes and spiritual goals exist (2 dimension).  Added to that are the needs of the planet, and Universe (3rd and 4th dimension) and tying it all together in unity is the 5th dimensional energies.  Unity consciousness from a 5thdimensional point of view means we have the ability to understand the complexity of our individual place in all of this and use that understanding to make informed choices.  With being in the 5th dimension “remember” this means you are tied to many other beings who have a vested interest in our planet.  They are also tied in with us through the 4thand 5th dimensions.

Do you have any doubt that there is life other than us in this universe?  If you do have doubts make sure you pull on your big boy/girl panties – cause you are about to have those doubt shattered in a big way.  Most of us have been in communication with these other world beings – celestial, extraterrestrial, and mythical

for some time now.  It is about to become more intense.  Our star family (celestial and extraterrestrial) are going to be visually apparent this year to all of us.  It is going to change everything.  No they are not going to come in and fix us.  Instead they are going to be there in support of us doing the work we are all capable of doing for ourselves.  Encouraging us to change our political thinking, economic thinking and energy thinking.  Know that those who are not of the heart mind won’t enter into this new reality with us (until they change) and that means everything.

4)Breakthrough’s in medicine and science are here – they are about to be acknowledged.  We are soo close.  The new world will be all about creativity, prosperity and ease of effort.  Gone are the days of us and them.  How is this going to happen?  We are all awake now to the power we have.  Sorry to those who tried to stop this from happening, you failed.  It had to fail because even the so called ones in power over us realized that the system they had in place was finite and their own survival depended on letting us wake up.

5)As individuals our focus needs to be in the present and local.  That is how unity consciousness works.  If we are communal in our own little villages it will link up naturally.  Focus in on the workings in the Okanagan, be active in your community on all levels.  Now the tendency is going to be getting lost in the idea of chemtrails, the threat of war, country politics, people dying, religious strife, past injustices… do I need to go on?  Instead you have to know and be known that what you focus in on will be created.  Keep it simple, keep it real.  You can’t be a god, you cannot be in charge of things outside of your realm of influence so do not waste your time.  Nurture what you have at hand – that is your real garden.  Once again this is not about fluff and bubbles. It is about taking responsibility and claiming what is yours.  Acknowledging, discussion, creation and then harvesting so you can start that very cycle all over again.  By doing this one thing – this one simple things you will have global troubles by pass you while you effect change globally.  Look around you there are some really good examples of this.  Countries that have prevented Monsanto from gaining access to them.  Iceland and its economic reforms, countries that have pardoned others debt to them, and so many more.  The moment you take attention away from the distraction of fear, you are instantly enlightened and freed to do for yourself.  There is nothing stopping any of us from doing what needs to be done except the old paradigm convincing us we can’t.  Oh and guess what – that doesn’t exist

anymore ….

Something for you all to think about or shall we say remember is this:  We came into this life with a master plan.  Everything and I mean everything was contrived by us in spirit.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that in spirit there is two separate camps of us and them.  No it is all an “us”.  We are all from source, of source and in source.  Even that nasty guy you find repulses you is in one way or another – you.  Do you honestly still believe that things just happen to you?  Good or bad?  Do you honestly think that change can happen without a coordinated effort from something bigger than our individuality?  What is going on in all parts of the world is created by that master plan.  So if we are the creators by our connection to source, that means we can also be the ones who learn our lessons and change things for the better.

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