Grounding meditation for the 5th dimensional energies in 2015

An acquaintance/past student asked me to give her the meditation I taught in my level three classes a few years back as it also applies to today.  Here is what I made for her and I feel it should be shared online also.  I am including a written copy and an audio copy.

By connecting to my guides I mostly channeled this grounding exercise.  Energies in 2015 are continuing to develop and become on a 5th dimensional level.  Our energy bodies are also associated with a different frequency because of this.  As I spoke of before in teachings a few years back now, there is a need for us to be lightly grounded now and to maintain a deeper fuller connection to source.
Think of it this way, Gaia needs us to have a lighter foot print on her from Humanity and for us to be more awake in our day to day lives.  By being lightly grounded and shifting our focus more towards the celestial we are achieving this.  It aids in manifestation, creation and enlightenment.  We change from being so heavily physical to being more astral in the process.

Grounding meditation for the 5th dimensional energies in 2015:

Sit comfortably in a upright chair.  Place both your feet flat on the ground.  Preferably bare foot.  As soon as it gets warm enough please do this outside.

Start with a focus on your breath and do so till you have created a singular thought about just breathing.  From that focus, place your attention with intention on your feet.  I want you to feel the earth’s energy field around and about your feet as if it was water.  Very much the same way you would feel water if you were to walking along the shore of a lake.  Feel the touch of it, the light weight of it, and the way it moves even when you are still.  This movement is a pulse, ebb and flow, or vibration.

Sit for a while just enjoying this feeling.  Make sure you keep it light.  There is no need to send roots down into the planet.  Just feeling the energy this way is all you need now to keep yourself anchored in the physical.

Slowly feel this energy filling you up from your ankles, shins, calves, knees, lower thighs, upper thighs, hips.  Feel it clearing and energizing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras.  Their colors revitalized, replenished, balanced and spinning in a clockwise direction.  Like a wick, you draw it up into your until it reaches your heart.

Relax with this feeling, let it heal you, let the earth send you love and you send your love to her in return.

Now that this is established, let your focus reach up into the heavens, out into the universal energy.  If there is any resistance to this part, take a moment to visualize that resistance breaking away from you.  Use a spiritual light saber and loosen up these blockages.  The blockages are given to the angels and guides to be converted and healed.

Take as long as you need to remove all that is holding you back from connecting to source.  It could be doubts, harsh words from someone, issues from childhood.  Do not question or get caught up in the drama or story of the blockage.  Recognize it with gratitude, use light to loosen it and then let it go.

Once all the blockages (which can be many the first time you are doing this method) are removed then you will feel anything from a rush, dizziness, warmth, unconditional love or feeling of uplifting.  Allow this to happen.  Removal of the blockages this way will also serve as an uncording method and you will feel lighter in your connection to the higher power, and less attached to physical demands.

As you are connecting to source you will pass through the collective consciousness.  We will come back to that in a minute.

Your connection to source and your ability to draw down energy this way is unlimited.  Visualize a large column of light.  Thick, full, streaming and coming down into you and circulating at your heart charka.  A blending of the earth energy and the celestial energies will occur at that point.  Your upper three charkas will respond with a brightening of color, frequency and balance.  It will feed them, and you will find that with the feeding of those chakras comes a renewed vision, clarity, access to higher thought and connection to your angelic and spiritual guidance.  You will have a strong sense of your higher self, your oneness, or over soul.  With the higher vibrations feeding your upper chakras you will also shift from your creative center being in the heart astral connection – to being a heart celestial connection.  There are two minor heart chakras, one above and one below your main heart chakra.  You will now be exercising the upper minor chakra to its fullest extent.  Exercising this chakra, this connection aides in you becoming more powerful as a spiritual manifestor/investor. 

Continue to feel the light contact with Mother Earth, while you feed your soul with the celestial light of source.  In the connection to source you will be able to locate the collective consciousness.  Ask for forgiveness for any negative thoughts you had placed there in the past and allow them to be healed and transformed into love. Practice this often as the collective consciousness is so full right now with the need for change and transformation.  If you do you will graduate into being able to connect to others only by use of the source/collective consciousness cable.  It will free you up from having cords that need to be detached, free you up from empathic symptoms that are harmful.  You will no longer be connecting to others by reaching out through the heart chakra.  You will use the higher vibration and love of source to branch out and down into others instead.

Breathe and stay in this state for a while longer.  Then ask that it return to a state where you can be as one in spirit and one in the day to day workings of the physical.

And so it is

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