Geomancy Project. April 23rd 2016

After such intense energy and communications (in all areas of my life and work) it was nice to have the last 6 days be closed down and quiet. Even the Star family that was present a few night ago did there best to go about and not disturb my peace.
Since 2016 began, like with all areas of spiritual work, I have had epiphanies and personal messages coinciding with the bigger picture messages.
What some of you may not know yet is I have started a large area project involving geomancy. I will be able to talk to you more about that soon. It too has had multidimensional aspects to it. Personal for me, and rippling out from there to a larger effect. Geomancy is new to me, however I now know that is something I have practiced all along. If anything this work I am initiating here in NL is a continuation of what we did in Kaleden all those years ago.

Lois Lea Gueret

This is a few words from Aza on Geomancy and the project:

When Eant was talking about the reference of time and the history of this planet unfolding in a multidimensional pattern he was referring to the abundance of Geomancy projects occurring in the world today.

Do you all realize that when planning your life themes you are engaged in a bigger picture plan too? Now of course the bigger picture plan in nonlinear, but in spiritual references it is a projection into evolution. Geomancy like Shamanism is an energy practice that resonates in both directions – past and future. It is a practice that is fluid.

The opportunity being created by earth’s transition from 3d to 5d was known for some time now, and in spirit all of you made plans to be a part of that bigger picture. “Known” in nonlinear time that is. So there are some of you in a different time frame reference point who are participating in what is going on in 2016. Your other lives are a part of 2016.

The abundance of souls and the high population on the planet at this time is part of this bigger picture. Although a high number of you have now completed your work and are leaving… it was all planned. Every bit of it… learning, growing, and evolving.

Just as Earth cannot continue to be separated from the rest of the Galaxy any longer, neither can you remain separated from Earth. Individual but in communion. Is it coincidence that beings from Eant’s reality are here – now? A race of beings who are mastered in direct manifestation? Is the message really about your lineage on planet Earth? Are you not also headed onto the same path way as you evolve into physical beings in the 5d?

Layers upon layers …

Here is a geomancy project for you to all get involved in. What is planets Earths Galactic name? See if you can hear it.

A second project would be to find the heart of your house and or land. Place an alter there now and make sure all you do goes through that heart.


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