Soul Groups. Another message that was missed. January 15th 2016

There are several soul groups leaving the planet in the beginning of this year. Pay attention. The energy is shifting with them. Conclusions have been achieved and new beginnings are fal

Wonder to yourself, how is this effecting you? Can you sense it? Do you have illogical and unexplained feelings of hope? Is there a calm in the air?

(A soul group is a group of people who came into this life to work on a single purpose. They may not even know each other in this life but they do know each other in spirit. The one I am most noting is a soul group to do with the arts. From what i am being shown, beyond my realm of understanding are soul groups of religion, engineering and conflict. In amongst our daily lives are soul groups too – multitudes of them. That migration into the beyond has been happening for some time now. After pointing this out to me I recognize my Father as one of them. It is my feeling/understanding that my guides posted this to get you to think on who you might know is a part of this migration. To get you to look for the bigger picture and release any energy that needs to be let go of. Lois)

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