~It has been a while since I participated in a message that directly related to 2012 and the ascension. This message today has been brewing (shall we say) for a while in my celestial heart/mind and didn’t fully form until friday when I stumbled upon another person’s work from a few years back. I have been watching “Open Minds” and in season two I came across an interview with Jim Self.

While watching the episode my celestial guide was in my head telling me that this is what he has been working with me on, for some time now. So I shut it off about half way through and sat down to channel what was coming to me in that moment. This is what I spoke about in a post where I said my guide was on a rant.

I had to stop after a few pages of work because the connection needed a rest. At that time I watch the rest of the program and discovered a 2nd interview. Both interviews centered on his personal practices and his current book at the time called “What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?”
The parallels between my work as a teacher and my information from my guides was uncanny. Even the way he describes himself as never losing the connection to spirit as he grew up was so much like my own. Then at one point in the interview he briefly says “I won’t talk about the change from 7 chakras to 12 chakras today.” I have never heard anyone talk about this but me. However even with acknowledging the experience I was having while watching the interview I was still stunned at the end when Regina Meredith said, “We only have a few minutes left but I wanted to get into one area because it’s big and I have done other interviews with other people’s perspectives: Masculine and Feminine.” 

Well my jaw dropped at that… because this is the direction the material I had just produced had taken…
Jim says in his book, “the biggest chapter is on relationships because that is what you came here to learn.”

I will leave you with that. Enjoy.


P.S here is the link to his site. https://masteringalchemy.com/ You can find a lot of information on there and you can also buy his book. https://masteringalchemy.com/what_do_you
The episodes of Open Minds I had such an amazing experience watching is in Season 2 episode 5 and 11 on Gaia TV http://www.gaia.com/

Although Lois was not aware of me during the years prior to 2014 I was there in the background.  I did contact her through her guides, Ezajabah and Aza.  This message is a continuation of prior messages she delivered for us when she talked about the energy bodies re-patterning, and the transition from 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimension energies and why you could not stay in but only pass through the 4th dimensional energies.
Some of this message may not feel complete without the past messages frame of reference, however I am going to do my best to meet the challenge of clarity for you.  If at any time you need to ask a question during or after reading this please let me know by posting the query in the comments.
I am sure by now you are all familiar with the constructs of 3rd dimensional space, the limits of it, the dualities, and how it interacted with the astral and 4th dimensional (dreamtime) space.  Let me just briefly break that down for clarity.  The 3rd dimension was one of yes/no, black/white, wrong/right.  It was also one of deep grounding in the physical, so much so that the other dimensions that you could travel to via the astral realm (4thdimension) were not easily blended in your waking life.  Ego needed you to be concrete and have absolutes so you could function properly.  It really was an extreme version of the spirit having a human experience.
The different realms have different frequencies/vibrations and it is important to remember that when reading this.
Because of this, the astral realm / 4th dimension maintained a lowered and slowed energy.  While in 3rddimensional space, manifestation thought would travel there naturally in our efforts to co-create reality and most of the time it would get stuck or forgotten.  So more effort had to be applied for any creative process in the 3rd dimension.  You would have to have a thought, experience it in the astral, bring it back with you and then apply physical reality to it.  Are you still with me?
The Astral realm is full of the un-manifested.  Cluttered.
Now in saying that you must all also realize that you are no longer in 3rddimensional space.  All of you cracked open your energy bodies, and untethered yourselves in the process of transition to the 5th dimension.  Many frustrations arose because of this.  Everything was different and unfamiliar.  The Mother Earth needed to transform herself and with the help of magnetic shifts and solar energies this is now the new reality for all of her occupants (including the animal, birds, insects, aquatic, etc.)
You (who are reading this) may not remember doing so but you participated in this process by agreeing to come to this time reference and experience a physical life during the transition.  A lot of you came from other systems, planets, and galaxies.
I won’t talk about the parallel realities and ultra-dimensional in this message today.  I will just say that nothing happens without cohesion and communion.
Mother Earth now has a new grid (and the corresponding changes in the galaxy), new energy centers, and shifted interior poles.  Your bodies all have new increased chakras (12 in total), new skin on the outer edge of your energy bodies, and new program to go with the new spiritual software. 
(Jim Self would say, “Some assembly required” ~ Lois).
The shedding and transformation you have all gone through was not an easy process.  However it was necessary and the benefits for the hard work are still beyond your imagination. The best is still yet to come.
All of you are still working on letting go, because it is hard to let go of the familiar and comfortable pair of shoes you created with those 3rd dimensional lives.
Once you became untethered from the 3rd dimensional constraints, and did the work to shed the old you, the journey through the astral gateway to the celestial began.  (The 4th to the 5th realities).  In the astral all of you encountered the clutter and have had to face somethings again or discovered stuff you didn’t realize was also your responsibility.  Free will always plays a big role here and the experience you had or are still having, while in this clutter and turmoil is completely your own.  (No one born after 12/12/12 has had to go through this process.  They are born into the 5th dimensional energies… have you noticed how different they are?)
Too look at what I have just talked about from a purely spiritual perspective this process can be described as such.  
When you were in the 3rd dimension you could traveled through the astral realm (in sleep or meditation) which is associated with the heart chakra.  This realm was a gateway beside your own to other realities or dimensions.  The physical reality also had a symbiotic connection to it.  3rd dimensional reality need this other realm for manifestation.  The end result of all the transformation with accession is to be fully functioning on the 5th dimensional realm.  Some are not interested in participating in this transition and departed.  Those of you who have stayed can look forward to experiencing a new gateway that is in the celestial realm and associated with the throat chakra.  Manifestation will happen in “now time” with this realm.  The process I spoke of early that you had to go through to create your reality will no longer exist.  However you need to be higher vibrational to experience this tool.  Otherwise you would be manifesting things that pose a danger to you all.
All of this speaks of personal journeys and experiences while many of the experiences are collective in nature.  The biggest one is that of the masculine/feminine relationship.  This is really what I want to address here today because I see it still being misunderstood on many levels.
The planet for many generations in your current time line (yes there has been many other civilizations on the planet that have come and gone) has been of the polar thinking: male/female.  They have been kept separate and apart so that 3rd dimensional reality could play out a way of understanding the two.  This planet played out a power struggle with the masculine and feminine, one trumping the other over and over again.  Manifestation thought needed that power play.  Little attention was paid to the fact that both male and female aspects exist in all of you.  In reincarnation you had to cycle through the two choices in order to have the maximum experience.
I am sure you are all aware of the blending of gender that has taken place in the current global culture. You all know when that shift in reality began.
To exist wholly and completely in the 5th dimension you are going to need to have an enlightened state of male and female.  One of unity.  When you all get to the point of embracing the mutual aspects and similarities in each of you, whether it be male or female, then you will be that much closer to resonating with that higher frequency and then the permanent installation in the 5thdimensional realm.  The transition from 3rdto 5th requires that elevated energy and maintenance of a masculine / feminine balance.  Dualities do not translate into 5th dimension.  Finger pointing must stop.  Acknowledgement of your own masculine and/or feminine aspects has to occur.
For clarity here, your thoughts have to turn away from saying the masculine needs to be healed or that the feminine needs more power.  That is putting it outside of yourself.  The only way through this is with inner journeying.  Balance occurs with recognition of blending and unity within yourself.  Each of you individually must recognize and from that recognition the vibrational energy of cohesive gender will rise globally.
Relationships that were of the 3rd dimensional reality never managed to be healthy in the sense of balance and truth.  Labeling, roles, baggage from many life times influenced the foundation of relationships.  In traveling through the fourth dimensional realms you get to shed all this.  It will be let go of so completely it will no longer exist.
In 5thdimensional space the closest I can come to explaining what it will be like is to say that each of you will be so integrated with your whole selves that relationships with other whole selves will be based on the higher vibrations of joy, creativity, communion, mutual respect and so on.  No longer will you need to have the lower vibrations to work on baggage.  Please note that this journey in the 4th dimension where you are shedding what was before, to the fifth dimension, is going to take many years to achieve.  Don’t expect it to happen overnight.
(I was seeing 2025-27 when I reread this.  Lois)
Parallel to this advancement in relationship technology will be the renewing and establishment of new systems on the planet.  Struggles with economics, leadership, poverty, crime, resource management, and the overall relationship with the planet will resolve.  An understanding of the place this planet occupies, what the meaning of it all is, is also going to unfold along with the introduction to your “community of all life”.  What you call ET’s, angels, spirits, other dimensional beings will be able to integrate with you physically because you will no longer need the polarity/duality of us/them, him/her.
You will still have bodies that are male and female but you won’t need the singular labels as in one gender or the other.  Soon after that happens the language associated with male female will become obsolete.  So ideas like “A guy needs to be strong” or “A women needs to be emotional” will no longer apply.  Each of you will has access to all aspects of your being.  Men will be able to comfortably sit in their emotional body with acceptance from society.  Women will be able to enjoy strength without labeling.  An example would be these two sentences.  In the 3rddimensional reality Betty says, “I don’t want to be too independent because what man wants to be un-needed in a relationship?”  In 5th dimensional reality, “Bob and Betty came together and mutually worked on creating free energy systems.”  In the first the focus is the duality of relationships.  In the second the focus is on what unites and fosters joy, creativity, communion, mutual respect and so on.  These relationship do not need to be male and female, it will also be Ted and Bob or Betty and Cathy.  I am only using this illustration to make a point for the message.
I want to address one more thing here in closing.  In media today, and this includes all forms: Movies, TV shows, Books, News, and the Internet.  In media today you are seeing and experiencing the clutter and baggage of the 4thdimension.  It is being brought into your frame of reference or view for a good reason.  You are meant to associate with the parts that are Your Baggage to claim.  Every time you feel the need to speak outwardly of the experience, take a breath and realize the power you have.  The power that comes with stepping inward with your distress.  Take it into you.  Experience all of it, recognize all of it.  In doing so there will be a release from the old patterns and energies.  You will ascend to a high place.  Accept that you are a fully functioning being who has choices.  You do have both aspect inside of you, masculine and feminine, and they are equal.  You are strong, intellectual, emotional, creative, outspoken, charitable, and capable of meeting challenges on all levels.  You do not need another to make you a whole.  As a women you do not need the men of the world to change, or vice versa.  Keep it personal, journey within, and all will follow.


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