The first firing of the Empaths – Creating an affluent influence in your life.

The first firing of the Empaths – Creating an affluent influence in your life.

Here was are at the six month mark of these channeled messages of 2016 and it has come to my attention that there is more assistance needed for all you at this time.  The message is for the person bringing it forth as much as it is for all of you out there reading it.

I am making a commitment to any of you who do read this that I will be present and in attendance with your guides and angels this weekend, giving to you a blessing/benediction.  I will be matching any work you put into this at my end.  This message is going to be a 9 to step in-joying life again.

1)       With a deep breath while you read this I want you to reconnect with your body.  Come back in and be purely physical to start with.  Shut down your connections to source, guides, angels, and the Universal force.  Allow yourself to come back into your body, feel your energy as it is when it is just you.  Notice everything.  Is there anything that is getting your attention?  Notice your connection to Earth and her systems.  If there is any grief in your body now is the time to acknowledge that grief.  Experience it fully so that you can finally forgive and come to peace with yourself. 

Then let it go completely.  It no longer serves you to grieve about things in the past. 

This is probably going to feel a little strange as you have all been working hard to connect to others and to spirit.  You have been working hard on clearing out and cleaning up.  I am having you do this because it is important to be you fully before you can be you for anyone else.  I want you to repeat this step as often as needed over the next week.  If you forget to do it that is when you are no longer in need of doing it.  Unplugging is the best way to reset all of your personal realities.  It is the best way to recognize who you are, where you are and to fully feel what you need to do next.

In the silence you experience I want you to go into your energy centers.  How are they doing at this time?  Do you see new chakras in your energy body you have not acknowledge yet?  Find them all.  Go into each chakra and breath.  Be the observer of what you find there, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  Release then replenish that chakra one at a time.  It is most important that you spend time replenishing.

All of you are functioning with the 12 chakra set now, all of you reading this.  (Some of you are already beyond that …)  I trust that you are going to locate all 12 during this exercise.  Once you have completed this first step then go onto step two.  This first step is going to set up the ground work for the larger connection we will be completing by the time these 9 steps are finished.

You can take as long as you want to with this first step.  There is no harm in disconnecting like this right now.  Even if you do not reconnect intentionally, your spirit will gradually reconnect on it’s own.

2)      While continuing to be disconnected from source, your guides and the Universal energies – Now we go from our personal time reference energy space – in the now, to being expanded to your other lives.  Feel the collective that you are.  Know that you are a multidimensional being with the capacity beyond your wildest imaginings.  I want you to focus in on the other lives you are experiencing at this time, that you need to be connected too so you can also be replenished by them.  If you are working on healing your physical body in this life, now is the time to connect to the lives you have as a healer.  If you are one who has injustices right now, connect to the lives where you will find the strength and wisdom to overcome them.  See this as energy pouring into your soul.  Feel yourself being full and magnificent.

This action is going to change you not only on an energy level but also on a physical level.  It is going to ignite your re-patterned DNA.  Feel your light body responding, building a deeper and more intense connection to who you are at this time reference point.

This strength and wisdom is going to stay with you from this point on.  No one or thing that is not of you will be able to influence or change what you are learning from this deepening connection.

Your ancestors of all times are here with you.  The veil is thinned, so those you have lost in this life are working with you in this reconnection.  Can you feel or see them?  Your grandmothers, fathers, uncles, siblings and so on – remember to say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” What is it that you have been asking for lately?  Tell them about it now. It is going to manifest!

3)      All this work you have all been doing in the 4th dimension is at a point where we need to recognize it as an accomplishment.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Know that the work in the 4thdimension is also about positive affirmations and resolutions.  Know that it is a reality, it was not your imagination.  These things you have been experiencing since you entered the transformation are real (this could have been for months or years depending on where you are).  Now that you have assessed the state of your own energy space and all of your relevant connection to the other lives you can now go on to reconnecting with your replenished being.  All that was being held within is now let got of, all trauma dealt with is concluded, and all the junk is released to source to be recycled into something new and exciting.  You are filled with the life giving energy.  Your soul sings in harmony and balance as you reconnect again to source, Universal energy, and your guides/angels.  You have upgraded your light bodies.  Breath the connection, feel it all over, feel that old programing is gone.  You are now running on “You 2.0”.  Do not try to justify or reconnect with what just happened.  Allow and accept.  This state you are in at this very moment will last.  Nothing from the outside will be able to influence it or cause you to regress back to where you were before you started these 9 steps.

4)      Feel yourself drawn to the heart of your physical space (being that of your house, apartment or land).  I want you to acknowledge and give gratitude to that heart.  Bring an offering of some sorts to it.  Feel the fully colorful light body you know have connecting to source to bring in energy and radiate out into your personal space.  The place you call home.  Feel it shifting and responding to you.  See all the personal connections to your home.  See yourself as the steward to this space, and all its glory. You are the center of the known Universe.  From this point all manifestation occurs on a celestial level.  You are in control, connected fully in communion and unity.  You can see and hear this connection with all of its resonance.  The beauty of it really is all you have to do is acknowledge the connection and what is meant to be manifested will happen without effort on your part.  This is truly the path of least resistanceand you just stepped onto it.

Anything you feel inspired to do in that heart, or create in that heart – do it now.

5)      While reconnecting to your other lives we need to acknowledge and accept another aspect has occurred.  You became fully blended in your masculine and feminine attributes.  There is no longer a conflict between the two.  The emotional gap that existed prior is no longer there.  You are fully connected to all of your lives as a male and female.  And to those lives where this duality was not in existence.  Your body and sexual preferences will remain the same, it is your spiritual and emotional approach to life that will change.  Your language of gender will be updated, your understanding of others on a sexual level will be in harmony and balanced with the higher vibrations of the 5thdimensional energy.

One of the traumas you may have cleared out was to do with the abusive nature that the duality of male and female created.  I want you to see the time so far away that you agreed to this contract and know that it has been fulfilled and concluded.  This contract is now dissolved, releasing you from this obligation.  The lessons you learned from it are now absorbed and assimilated back into “You 2.0”.

Your language is different.  You see others as individuals not as their gender.  A person who is emotional is not that way because of the feminine aspect of there being.  That person is that way because it is their natural state in the moment.  Your language will reflect that and it will be expressed when talking of your own personal journeys too.

6)      This step is about the level of consciousness that now exists and you are fully connected to it.  It is of you and you are of it.  The world in general will be enlightened as you acknowledge this step and you are no longer separated from your nature which is the nature of the planet.  Take as long as you want on this step.  It is not necessary to be out doors but your experience will intensify if you are able to.  All of your creations up to this point, all of the things you have manifested on Earth have a nature. Allow yourself to connect to them.  Even if it is technology, or mechanics.  Acknowledge that these things are of you, they are your creation.  There is no dark or light to them when you acknowledge and accept this fact.  In doing so you will quickly know where you want to go next with the direction of creation.  Do you see where the improvement is needed?  Take note of this.  Take time to connect to all of it, plants, animals, technology, energy sources, education, spirituality and so on.  Then take that one step further as you are the collective.  As a collective you are responsible – be the change.

7)      The “You 2.0” now has a consciousness that exists in all states, even your dream world.  Your capacity is that of a higher vibrational being.  Your dream world, your sleep environment will need adjusting to make way for this change.  Is there anything that you need to change in the bedroom to support this?  Do you need to redecorate? Do you need to move your furniture so your bed is in a better place?  Is nature, your nature reflected in your sleep space?  Take time to explore and clear out the old so that the new can nestle in.

Starting with this step you will have the capacity to dream fuller, recall better, and travel farther in your sleep.  You will wake up rested and refreshed because you say so.  Because you say so.  You are making a choice here to be the “You 2.0” in your sleep too. You are saying that you will live fully while you live.

The celestial is now your playground.

8.       Step 8 is to feel the support of those around you in the physical who are also engaged in this exercise.  This weekend is special and there are many many others who are not a member on this website, page or blog who are spontaneously engaged in this exercise.  This includes the other dimensional beings like the angels and fey, this includes the galactic beings like your star family and this also includes this ultra-dimensional beings who share your planet with you like Ogopogo and the Sasquatch.  Acknowledge and send gratitude and healing from source to these united forces for spiritual evolution.  Receive acknowledgement, gratitude and healing in exchange.

Again acknowledge the ancestral support offered.  This support comes from across time and space.  You have all had lives on other worlds and your connection to those other worlds is of importance here too.  Sit in the stillness and remember those other lives and feel who is here with you in spirit from those places.  Reach out with your heart mind and also connect to those who are here in the physical from those other lives / other worlds. 

9.       Repeat these affirmations while you receive them into your being.  Then connect to others through source and through Gaia sending them the gift of these affirmations.

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Allow your being to trust and be fully emotional again.

Get out and In-joy the world.  Do the things you want to do.  Be the person you know you are.

Laugh, Love, Create, Protest, Support, Let go of – As needed.

Be the Observer.

And finally remember to replenish every or any time you clear out and clean up.  Anything you let go of set an intention on what is invited back in to fill the space left behind.


The first firing of the Empaths.

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