July 24th 2016 – Counsel of Twelve

Oh boy, Thursday was a hard day for me.  I like it better when my energy is of the observer and that I can have experiences (easy or hard) without emotional attachment to them.  Why do I like that state of being the observer?  Well – it is what works the best for me, it is where I am happiest.  It is where I excel and can be the person I truly am.

I remembered this morning I have had a period of not sleeping properly at night, and then getting drowsy in the afternoon.  I have had a period of changes in other area of my persona.  Not epiphanies – more like differences.  I am not sure I can explain that in a way that would be understood by everyone.  I can indeed say that I am a slightly different version of me (again). 

Maybe this is what menopause is about?  Or maybe this is just the effect last weeks’ solar activity had on me.  So upon waking up I was right to my guides asking questions!  What is going on?? 

The message I got back was from the counsel of twelve.  I have not talk to them for about 12 years??  The way this message was delivered was a bit different too.  I am concerned that a lot of you will have trouble understanding it as it goes pretty deep.  I have gone back and added in comments to try and help out. 

Good luck!

Representative for the counsel of twelve:
(If anyone know the name of this being please message me… once he was done he left before I could ask his name.) 


I am a close associate of the brotherhood of light and the group you call the counsel of twelve (this group is also called the Elohim).  A projection so that your present mind state can communicate with the energies that would normally be hard to manage or maintain.  You might think of me as a holographic projection of their collective consciousness but I am indeed a spiritual life form. 

Your verbal question is very vague, but I am going to take it to mean you would like to check in and understand more from our point of view the progress being made with Humanity. 

I am going to treat this in two parts:  A window into your life and then a window into the planetary life. 
For you personally of course there is a multidimensional happening.  Your current time point reference is traveling through galactic change (our journey through the 4th dimension).  From that time point reference, (an) effect is rippling out into your other lives.  This is never a one-way interaction, please remember that the effect does receive a response back to your current time frame reference.  This is an effect that is happening more often, so a message like this is being delivered to you in all those other lives right now too.  Where as time is non linear, progression is still made.  Note not everyone is consciously aware of this going on because going through it is difficult.  You decided prior to this life to be a little bit closer to the veil and use that closeness to communicate to others.  Every so often this overwhelms you, but that doesn’t change the fact that you chose to do this. (this is what I have been struggling with – a case of “so what?”)

Last night in your dream you created the rabbit who kept reappearing (I have decided I won’t give you the details of the dream and to just leave message as is here).  Always ended up back on that same trail, always knowing that you had some sort of food you were to give to him, and then upon leaving the rabbit finding yourself in a different dream reality.  You have also been using the term “farther down the rabbit hole” a lot lately.  Subliminal memories of the good kind can be presented in this way.  You set this up so you could have safety in this part of your experience.  In the simplest terms last night, you were using the rabbit to journey in consciousness. You fed it and then carried on to the next adventure.  The only way this could happen was with heavy involvement of your oversoul.  Respect for your oversoul this was not an easy event to manage and it has come to pass with relatively easy. (message to me – stop grumbling). 

In your sleep last night, you traveled though a variety of circumstances.  You explored lifetimes that had up till this moment been under lock down.  Places that you were not to be aware of till now, and of course were not to have awareness of you either.  This has changed you slightly in all directions.  The experience was given to you in this manner so that you could express it and offer comfort to many others who had just or are now going to have a similar awakening.  Remember not everyone will have this conscious memory. 

The constant in the nature of the Universe is change/flux.  This is multidimensional.  It is indeed the only path to growth and it is what ties us to the All that is.  The evolution that is happening as we speak in all directions, means you are in better control of the change/flux because of knowledge.  The choices have opened up.  This is a double edge sword as it takes awareness and a level of consciousness you are just on the verge of.  Be very aware and careful from here until all things are locked into place again.

Planetary life is so deeply rooted to the galactic consciousness that another layer of this must be added to the answer today.  Where as Lois is a consciousness that has multiple lives happening simultaneously and on a multidimensional level, the Galaxy has life forms where this is happening in every possible reality.  What you call heavenly bodies are a form of life in and of themselves too.  So stars, planets, moons, nebulas, asteroids, comets, – the list could go on.  We have not touched on inner space which is also in evolution. So let me simplify and hopefully give you some sense of it all.

All of this on a galactic level is like labor pains.  The galactic evolution is a birth into an age of a different resonance or vibration.  One in which all will benefit.  It has to be taken slowly so that we (here he is talking of the counsel) can maintain enough life in the psychical to make it happen. Every planet is different in it’s approach.  Earth is one of the planets that is making the biggest shift.  It has the largest distance to travel but the greatest reward if it can achieve this goal.

Specifically, the Galaxy is remembering the journey.  It is remembering all of the events that have happened or could have happened as a preparation for what is to come next.  It is hard to explain this when we are using a language that has linear time reference.  Lois is one of many who are part of the “conscious remembering to assist others group”.  Know that all of you are entering into unlocking the lives hidden to you so that you can have access to what was once forbidden knowledge.  This is a reoccurrence on several planets, as other attempts failed.  You might be remembering on a subconscious level only – but there will be a change in all of you this coming week.

Some of you have just had memories of Atlantis and Lemuria unlocked. Others like Lois have had a glimpse into other dimensional memories where the planet is completely different.  What you do with
these memories is up to you.  There can be immense benefit or there can be completely tragedy.  It is known by many other life forms that the time has come; you can not delay any longer on Earth for the rest of the Galaxy is evolving too.

(Aza interrupted here:  Many of you saw this moment coming and came in at this point with a purpose.  You came from lives on other planets too. The purpose was to assist and mutually benefit from this evolution.  The other beings in this galaxy are also at hand simply because so much is at stake.  Earth’s life forms have failed this multiple times before because it is in an area where the energies are denser.  There was a purpose to this at one time that is no longer necessary now. If humanity does not make it this time, population on Earth will be lowered significantly and will not return again…)

Competition of multiple aspects is also a way of cancelling them out.  This has happened all along, in many forms however this particular event is of a larger scale.

(The last part to me was a reference to the people who are departing into spirit-but he did not wish to get into the recent aggression and murders.)


After sitting with this message I was able to feel better about it.  I know that these celestial beings are of the bigger picture.  They do not see being in the physical the goal for evolution, but simply a means to spiritual ascension.  They are deeply invested in the Galaxy as it is said to be their creation – the job given to them by Y H V H.  From that stance, they see all life as being equal and the survival of the planet Earth is on the same level as the survival of humanity. 

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