August 28th 2016 Converstaion with Eant on Specturm.

So Eant has been around basically pointing things out for me to pay attention too. It feels like it is in between his studies… if that it the right word for what he is doing here.

Then the other day he asked me to pay particular attention to the sky. I asked him why and he said that the spectrum is changing.
Q: What am I looking for in the sky?
A: Hues, increased rainbow effect, depth perception variations. If you really look with a conscious mind you will see that the colors are deepening, and become more dimensional. In the sky you are able to focus in on the color blue and the complexities now apparent with it.
(He was a part of the sky when I was talking to him this morning.)
Q: What is happening to the spectrum?
A: It is broadening. Light is increasing due to many transitions and ascensions as you travel dimensionally. So the spectrum is also increasing along with you. The language to describe what is happening is only now being developed. Fortunately, the science on your planet is going to keep up with this occurrence. It will seem that they are discovering something that has always been there but in fact it is something that is evolving with you. Your current light waves are changing so that near the middle of the spectrum – the visible area of light is going to be more. Remember this is going to happen in the visual range dimensionally. So your eyes will then be capable of seeing in amongst – that is the closest I can come to describing it. You don’t have the language yet.
Q: How will this affect us?
A: Remember this is still in transition so it is not the end result but the experience of traveling thru the 4th dimension.
All of you are currently healing from what you see. Trauma you have been visually witness too. Optical recording happens to you on a cellular level all the time. As we are all made up of energy, and you are now aware of this, you will be offered choices for the visual record. You will be able to record the beauty of the transition.
The shift in depth will give you a visual reference point for what you are going through on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Am I making this clear? (He really enjoyed this pun! And I understood – the discussion was too serious for him up till this point).
Try staring at the picture we are attaching to the message today. Make note of how you feel afterwards.
Q: Is there anything else I should pay attention too?
A: The minuscule. You will be amazed at what is actually in there. Not so tiny after all when you understand the magnitude of reality. Everything is expanding – the universe really in a grain of sand.
Your idea of a third eye is true – now all of you are having your third eye plugged in.
Please know any feelings of being off kilter or dizzy are just the adjustment period. It doesn’t mean you are losing perspective. Indeed, you are gaining. This is all new.
No longer more than meets the eye. This is Awareness of what meets the eye.

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