November 27th 2016 Second discussion with Eant.

This is the last channeled message for November, thus leaving four more till the end of the year. In 2017 I am going to evolve into a newsletter format that will be put out every two weeks. Although I have enjoyed doing this, a year was long enough, and my creative spiritual side wants change.

I have been doing a lot of looking back at the year this last month. I need to remind myself that there is progress being made. I am not just spinning my wheels. However, it is more than that, I am craving change, evolution, and advancement. My reference point in time and the now has changed in a way I could not begin to describe, except to say things are simultaneous? My journey right now really is about deeply understanding, and I think at as result my intellect is different.

It was Eant who made contact with me again in the early hours this morning.

I hope this is not too personal that you are unable to understand what we are talking about.

Lois: So what is this that I am trying to explain, to understand, here this morning?

Eant: I will not be able to answer this question to your satisfaction because it is feelings. Your feelings. You are looking to describe how “you are” experiencing the shift in the emotional and intellectual bodies that coincides with the chakra changes. Also, note that a lot of this is part of what you are writing about (my book). What is the term? “Spoilers”?

Instead let’s put it this way… there is alignment happening. Time as you knew it, is now expanded. It is possible to align with this expansion. Progress is gauged by simultaneous actions. Everyone can and will experience this in their own way. Once the majority of trauma is cleared, this is the next phase, the new information is formatted and in play. (He was putting the image of a library in to my mind, the old books being on sale, the new books replacing them and an expansion to the building taking place at the same time.)

Yes, that is a visual of the Akashic records – to address what you are thinking.

Lois: (Because I needed to go there…) Am I right in thinking that this place, or system I see as the Akashic records is just one of many? That the Akashic records I can visit or travel in is restricted to where I am in the universe?

Eant: In what you call metaphysics, esoteric teaching let me explain. The simple answer is yes, but… there is as many different libraries, for every eventual scenario possible. In my journey the Akashic records are merely the cosmic mind. If you imagine how that would play out, then you understand what we are talking about here. You and I have had this conversation before, but you are not remembering it right now.

Lois: My perception of this has shifted, therefore I have shifted to align with it?
Eant: Yes. (I am sure his was patting me on the head at this point). Remember to keep the fascination in your imagination.

(Images of Lewis Carols Alice in Wonderland and I sat with this for a while)

Lois: Ok – how can I put this. I have a feeling of sanctuary in a way I have not experienced prior. I find this hard to describe too. It stays with me as long as I remember to practice what I know.
Eant: Yes. Is there a question there? (laughing).

Lois: Ok I am going to babble here then for a bit. All the injustices I would normally be up in arms about do not affect me. I am looking at events and thinking, “that doesn’t matter”. It is like the story of chicken little? I feel prepared, I see that there is progress being made over all, and I am on the verge of something else. The sanctuary seems to be a place, state of mind, direction, philosophy all in one. The Sanctuary is a lack of fear? Freedom from emotional drama?

Eant: Like you said, as long as you practice what you know. So, for everyone reading this it holds true. If you put into practice all the studies, methods and modalities you took time to carefully learn, you will find the journey easier. Why do you think the age of enlightenment began in the first place? To assist you to cope with what was to come. You programed this into the system…

You created it all. What is happening, what needed to be in place, who needed to be here at this time, who was to return to spirit and when. You only understand the basics of free will when in the physical, however your spirits also are evolving to become more. Free will in spirit is a whole other snow flake. (I laughed).

Look most of this is not understood by thinking. It is done in your heart, it is love that opens the way to knowing, not the mind. Not the ego. Which brings us back to the chakras changes going on. I can say this. In order to be incarnated on Earth, you agreed to change your energy fields, you agreed to changes to your spirit body. What is going on now is a reawakening to that knowledge.

You as a collective have pulled back the veil so you can see what is actually going on. The hidden is now in the light. You do this on a regular basis but not to this scale…

That is why you are all so curious to so many at this time. (He felt very close and full of love when he said this).

Lois: (My energy dropped at this point) I know there are many many more questions, but at this time I am just going to let myself not think … as you suggested. Thank you Eant.

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