A relationship with the Water Element

Near the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 I had a conversation with Rob Cotrone and he mentioned the influence we can create by working with the water in our bodies. Through programming and raising the vibration of the water. He had success with the methods he was working with.

During my morning meditation I was drawn towards that method of healing, and I am working on exploring it further. When I zoom up and look at the bigger picture of my health issues one thing is common in all of it and that is inflammation. Of course, I am in the process of getting a support team set up to deal with all of it, however in he mean time I have a self-help plan.

I am going to work on the frequency of water in my body. I have a lot of tools, toning and crystals, – attunements too, that I can do myself to get this started.

I have always had a connection to the Water Element. If one says you are born with an affiliation to a certain element, mine is water. I have been near water features for most of my life. I find the rocking of water with waves to be extremely meditative and it can also have a Kundalini effect on me. To me nature or the natural environment is not separated from water.

With our house being near three rivers, Chehalis, Harrison and Fraser, it is an easy step to integrate my energy into these systems.

I am also working on making sure that the water I bath in and the water that I drink is of the right alignment. I know it is from a pristine source, a underground spring, now I just want to make sure that nothing is of a lowered or slowed influence.

I did the first of many smudges this morning while connected to my home’s water. I am going to pick two crystals to put into the Berky water filter that will stop any negative influences, and then find a way to incorporate those crystals into my fridge filter and the filter where the water comes into the RV.

I think that this is important for everyone right now, to find the Element you align with and offer healing in that direction. You can start small and work out to larger areas, connecting into the Emphatic grid of influence, and send out

Here is a nice little article on Finding your element.


Working with the water element



Water Elemental Healing Meditation (432Hz) Sleep and Lucid Dreaming for Well-Being

Update on January 31st

I have an appointment now to see a Naturopath in Mission, on Tuesday, Feb, 9th at 10:30.  The clinic is called Evolve and she does a lot of with with digestion and inflammation. www.evokewellnesscentre.com

I also did a follow up with Dr. Collins on January 28th and set up a plan to work on things with her methods. She wants me to start a treatment for type two diabetes as my numbers were rather scary. I am starting that when the prescription is ready, probably Monday Feb 1st.

I am not taking the Ozempic shots anymore.

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