A Spiritual Guide to Evolution – the online course

I am so PLEASED to say… !

Online Course starts Dec 2nd 2021

It is time to officially announce the course material that acts as a companion to the book. The course is called “The guide to Spiritual Evolution.” Tomorrow December 2nd is the first production of that material being offered to per-registered students and the book contributors. On my website, you can find the details of the course.

This link will take you to the details on the course staring December 2nd 2021.

Included in the course is an audio reading of each chapter. This is released prior to the session so that you can have time to listen and reconnect with the chapter. In the course is all new material, exercises and from time to time channeled material. I am offering the complete 12 part course for a discounted price or the individual sessions. So you have a choice. We will be doing Q&A or discussion Zoom meetings are needed throughout the course. These are to be announced.

If you register for the complete 12 session course you will also receive a signed copy of my book. I also have each session available so you can get the chapter material you are interested in.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this, and working with a team that will be co-creating the production of the material. This is the first of many good things to come! Hope to see you there.

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