The Guide to Spiritual Evolution, session two – Healers Interviews December 9th 2021

On Thursday, December 9TH at 10 am, we have the second session of the course.

This one is a follow-up to the first chapter, and I interview three prominent healers. Each healer will be talking about their modalities that focus on self-healing.

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For a full bio on our healers click on the websites below their photos.

We will speak with Victoria Willard first; she is a Shaman, Metaphysical Minister, and multi-modality healer/herbalist. Victoria is also an expert on off-the-grid sustainable living appears in Chapter seven of the book.

Next, we will speak with Debbie Linthwaite Clarkin, who is an Alchemic Healer, Initiate of the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and Intuitive. As a Member of the Lineage of Thoth, Debbie does individual work and teaches Alchemic healing.

Concluding our series of interviews is Vince Wishart, who is the co-founder of LoveAlive where he currently is a facilitator, a Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology Counsellor, NLP Life/Recovery Coach. He and his beloved Rebecca teach Secrets of Thriving Relationships a 16 week course as their flagship offering. Vince facilitates Wellbriety talking circles, Men’s Wellbriety 6 month step groups. He facilitates men’s support circles, as well as co-facilitating community support circles rich with dive dive experiential process work to deliver people from deep traumas. Vince is a sun dancer, pipe carrier, and holds Inipi ceremonies for community.

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