News letter December 27th to January 3rd

A detail of my treatments since the pandemic started.

It was -8 outside when I recorded this, please forgive the echo. i had to leave the furnace running. Stick with it, the audio gets noticeably better when the furnace shuts off.

No matter what side you are on, I am sure all of us can agree that focus on treatment can help. It can help with general colds and flu’s. It can help with preventing corona-virus from progressing. I am not a medical professional, this is just a detail account of what I have been doing. I am and have been getting professional advice over the last 10 years, on prevention and treatment through herbal, holistic and naturopathic means. So I want you to hear me talk about what I am doing BUT you need to find your own way with this stuff. Please bear in mind that Robert and I had a corona-virus type of flu in 2017 and in January of 2020 I had a sudden and brutal chest congestion, that I self treated and got rid of quickly. I coughed so hard during that short period of time, I re-injured my back.

Why am I doing this now, when we could be entering the first year that the pandemic goes away? Well, my understanding is that we have to learn to live with this turn of events, that this will become endemic. The vaccinations are only good for so long, because corona has always mutated quickly. If we really want to get population immunity, I strongly feel it means getting a low viral load exposure. That was the intention of vaccinations, however a large number of people, myself included are declining the vaccinations.

There is a lot of data that has been collected over the two years, and it does point to natural immunity being better than vaccinations. Not surprisingly, because that was also the point of the vaccinations. Originally. I am not sure how it got off rails like it did, perhaps it was rushed, or over sold as a cure. In any case here we are…

My guides told me back in November that the only way to the other side it through. I won’t go into details with the wisdom they departed on me. I am sure it is the same as all guidance coming in from the other side. The short version is, we have to all get exposed to the virus. Did you notice how this recent variant seems to spread across the oceans so quickly? My guides have suggested a new means of transmitted. If you really want other information message me on Signal and I can tell you.

I am pretty sure that hand washing, and air circulation are still a key part of a healthy life style. Regular time outside, getting the good dose of sunshine and fresh air is part of all of this. Robert and I started this with a regular hand sanitizer that we bought from a local business. We are now using hand sanitizers that include herbs and such. My go to is thieves hand sanitizer. We only use this when out because hand washing is still better.

Like I said in the start of this, it has come full circle for me. The wisdom being share in the early 2020 by those who had covid 19 and recovered from it, still very much applies. I hope this helps everyone feel more grounded, and comfortable with treatment options. Please discuss this with your medical practitioners, and remember this is just my list of treatments. I am not a medical professional.

What I use to treat the air. Plus smudging and a air purifier.
To treat my throat.
Topical for myalgia pains
To treat my sinuses when needed
Supplements. (Including the Zinc for sore throats.)
I am going to try this in the New Year. For me it is another source of vitamin C and for some digestive/stomach issues I have been having.


I am doing the review before I have finished the book, mostly because I am awe struck by the contents. At best I was expecting it to be filled with dry facts and stories, none of it verifiable. Instead I feel like it is a light shining in the dark night of the soul. I am on page 250 of 2299, on my Kobo e-reader. I am having trouble putting it down. Not only is it confirming what my guides told me, it is helping me understand what they have told me on a deeper level.

I am thrilled to see the opening focus be on treatment verses vaccination. I am reading detailed accounts of why things played out as they have, and you know what? It all just makes sense.

So for those who are avoiding this book because you think it is all woo woo, I would recommend you give it a try. You will be surprised by the credibility. It is well researched on all levels, and back up by published studies. The e-reader is laid out so I can click on links as I am reading, and go straight to the studies themselves.

I give this book ‘two thumbs’ up. It might just be the best thing I have read all year.

You can get the link to the book on the Children’s health defence website.

The VCC interview of Catherine Austin Fitts and Rocco Galati – be well informed.

Details on my new guide: E56

I stepped out of comfort zone last week by announcing the nature of this new guide during a session broadcast, and now I want it to be public knowledge. Hopefully some of you who are experiencing similar events will find comfort in my telling.

Recorded on Dec 31st 2021
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