Newsletter from January 10th to January 17th

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information on the New Energy source Galactic center

The Forum.

I now have a forum – and will be slowly adding to it weekly. This will be where I am going to post things that do not go in the newsletter but I believe will be of interest to others.

If you have a category you want added please let me know.

My YouTube recommendation …. Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton Video series

I love Jonna and her life sharing from Sweden. If you want to get back to simple things, and let your mind flow, I recommend you check out her YouTube page. It is just beautiful.

She also has an online Art work/Jewelry site

In Service: Services I offer

I am on Odysee, Gettr and Signal

I am trying out Odysee – similar to YouTube and Gettr, similar to Facebook. Whether these two catch on or not remains to be seen. They are both promising no censorship. Signal, the messenger text based app is very successful so far and I am working on getting more and more people to connect to me that way,

You can find me on all three with my married name of Lea Walters.

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