News letter January 24th to 31st


I watch the Graham Norton show online as a way to disconnect my brain when I have been deep diving for too long with research. Which is pretty much every week. The latest episode had this singer preform this amazing gospel song. Yeah she is not billing it as gospel but that is what it is. I want to share it with you. You can see the lyrics in under the video if you scroll down.

Emeli Sandé – Brighter Days (Official Video)

More information on the new energies…

Data packet downloads Baby!

A few of last weeks deep dives:

Now that I am not fixated on Social Media I am finding my resources feel more resonate and fulfilling. Below is a few of the links I watched this last week.

Special Solari Report – Join Us on the Barricades with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Tiny homes and renewable living

Woman Builds £1000 Tiny Earthen Home To Live Close To Nature In Welsh Woods

A medium shares her experiences with prophecy of the pandemic that started in 2007. This audio is very well done.

The Prophecy

You can now watch the full documentary called Planet Lockdown.

Planet Lockdown

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