Part two of Confirmation and Controversy.

My exploration and understanding

I apologize for it taking me so long to get the blog published; there is so much going on that it has been hard to narrow it down.

Most of my current material and guidance come from my new guide, E56. It is his guidance and direction that formed this information.

Here is part two of Confirmation and Controversy.

Let’s dive in!

Did you ever think that we would be where we are at the beginning of 2022? Neither did I. I mean, I genuinely want to believe the best of everyone, of the world we live in, of our leaders, but that would be not very smart at this point. So I keep coming back to this one thought: The only reason they getting away with all of this is that it just seems so outrageous – it is almost impossible to grasp it as real.

Please bear with me as I meander through disclosure to help my viewers understand what is real. First, we will look at what became public knowledge in the last two years. A look at what was controversial before 2020 is now accepted as general knowledge. In doing so, create confirmation – that this is indeed happening. You’re not crazy.

Transhumanism: ( social and philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies. Such technologies would augment or increase human sensory reception, emotive ability, or cognitive capacity as well as radically improve human health and extend human life spans. Such modifications resulting from the addition of biological or physical technologies would be more or less permanent and integrated into the human body.

This is a scorching topic, filled with caution and deep considerations. I question how far you can go before you have damaged Humanity’s original God-given design. Has it happened already?? In part one, I talked about the ability to mess with the Morphogenic field and thus reprogram the cell. I consider this to be pivotal with Transhumanism but that has been happening for over 100 years and it seems that many people can play the long game with us.

Now I want improved human health and immunity, as do we all. Everyone wants to be the best version of yourself and that may very well include a form of artificial enhancement? However, I think this can be achieved by returning to our roots, understanding our role as stewards to the planet, and making responsible changes to a very ill-designed global system(s). Yeah, it will take work, not just a shot or a pill.

Here is a link for one peisode of my course on Spiritual Evolution. I am talking about what we need to go into the future.

This is an episode from my course called A Guide to Spiritual Evolution.

I want everyone listening to this to hear – ‘death will still happen.’ We will still have a way to die and I am ok with that. Part of the beauty of life is knowing it is short and unpredictable. You need to LIVE and experience the time you have here and make the best of it. What the focus should be placed on is Quality of Life for all.

The pandemic has brought about a lot of focus on mRNA. At least one vaccination is message RNA injected into your body, designed to turn on an immune reaction for a short period of time. Instead of using a piece of dead Virus, it creates the response you would have to the Virus, and the intention is to get immunity built up. We were told you can still get the Virus, you can still pass on the Virus, but you will not get as sick. Or not get as ill as you potentially would have? The controversy remains on how effective it is over the long term; what effect does it have on the Virus? Can it end up creating new and more robust versions of the Virus than would have occurred naturally? We now have data on a Leaky Vaccine situation. We are indeed in this problem since the end of 2021 and into 2022.

As I am making this podcast, it doesn’t seem promising, and the Virus has become endemic. We are two years into the plandemic. More and more members of the population are told younger and younger than they need multiple shots of the vaccine when none of it seems to be working at all. Most people still wear masks, new variants are popping up, and more data is coming in on the terrible results of the vaccine itself.

If this is the first step in Transhumanism, I would say it has been a complete disaster. Or more terrifying is the idea that this was the plan all along.

On an intuitive side, I feel deeply concerned that we have messed with the original form of Humanity. We haven’t even addressed all the other forms of Transhumanism like robotics and AI. I am including a YouTube video to give a brief idea of what is coming in the future.

Technocracy: (Merriam-Webster): government by technicians specifically: management of society by technical experts.

Technocracy is linked with Transhumanism, as a Utopian future where technology and Humanity are joined and science rules our principles almost in a religious manner. Hence, Scientism. I understand that Technocrats are ill-informed, that eliminating Humanity does not make us more divine. It is the exact opposite as it creates division instead.

Some of the movements happening now are signs of Technocracy. Digital currencies, a social credit system, health control of the masses are being enforced by science. We are looking at a Global Digital ID system roll out with what is termed “the Great Reset.”

I want to discuss the elephant in the room to call out the battle between Centralization and Decentralization. Decentralization, the natural progression of civilization, needs to be our way into the future. We come back to the community, our local food production and supply chains, and manage our own currencies. We need localized government and leaders. We need localized media sources that return to trustworthy journalism, reporting on events instead of selling the news.

What is happening is instead? We are being ushered towards centralization, global control of digital currency, news, food production, supply chains and management of our lives. Disguised as a Universal Income, we are being striped of fundamental rights and freedoms. Universal Income is centralized.

Please know that every one of us has a file of stored data that is large and amounts to an inconceivable amount when you think of the global population. Do you think people can manage this data? People don’t manage it; it is based on programs, algorithms, and keywords and is managed by computers. The sole purpose is to have central control of people. We are now the commodity to be traded.

If this system is fully set up and running, we are told we will own nothing but be extremely happy.

Here is Patrick Wood – presentation in August 2021

Now let’s look at another layer of what we need to know.


In a section of the online Webster’s dictionary called “words we are watching,” you will find, “What is the ‘metaverse’? A real word for a virtual world”.

The term Metaverse came from the 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Specifically – “In the lingo, this imaginary place is known as the Metaverse. Hiro spends a lot of time in the Metaverse.”

You probably have an understanding of Metaverse as Zuckerberg implied in 2021. He relabelled or rebranded Facebook as a Meta. Saying he felt the Metaverse was the next evolution of the internet. When approached in this way, the Metaverse refers to an artificial gathering place that extends the real world. A “highly immersive virtual world where people gather to socialize, play, and work.”

It was a timely statement from Zuckerberg amongst a global pandemic where we saw a real-time version of Faith Popcorns ‘cocooning’ from the 1980s come into fruition. Do any of you remember Faith Popcorn?

Cocooning: noun, [kəˈkunɪŋ]
1: The need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world.

2: One of 17 known cultural and societal undercurrents, first identified by Faith Popcorn, whose shifting dimensions reflect the human experience as it evolves to define future consumer behavior.

Why do we need to keep an eye on the Metaverse? For one, we want to grow and become as the internet was initially designed. As a free and open world, we, the people, get to develop it. We need to watch out for it becoming centralized (there is that word again) or controlled by economics and government. If you think about it, we already have a situation developing where that has happened. The internet can be turned off, and censorship plays a significant role. Since the start of the year, I have made so many changes to move to platforms that align with my 100-year plans.

This year in Canada, we witnessed our government use the internet against the people who supported the Convoy for Freedom. It is being used for tracking and conviction.

Can we afford to do things, right?

Maybe the question needs to be, can we afford to do things wrong? So, where do we get the time and finances to make needed changes? I see the best way is to reallocate government funds away from black op funding, development, design, big pharmaceuticals, the oil and gas industry, etc. Then, if the funds are freed up, the time becomes available to do something about these real problems.

Let’s be gutsy here. Are we in a new definition of a global war?

I propose – Let’s redirect funding from war to build stronger, healthier, knowledgeable, motivated citizens on a country-by-country level. In effect, grab your ball, and leave the sandbox – state you will not play this game anymore.

Is this tied into a global version of genocide?

Yes, scary strong terms, and it is tough for me to use that word, but it is even more challenging for me to deny the truth behind it. I believe that the virus, mandates, masks, vaccines, and social distancing measures were implemented to target groups.

To correct our course at this time, social-economic divisions need to stop. So instead of putting everyone on a Universal Income, let’s look at improving the rights of our fellow human beings. We all have the right to manage our lives, to have shelter, clean water, quality food, local supplies, local manufacturing, proper health care, freedom from threat or tyranny.

Please don’t buy into or believe that we are where we are due to lack of funding. That is a lie.

So, what do we do now?

Let’s take a big breath and examine the steps we can take. I want to start here first with a message from E56.

  1. “I know it is draining, tiresome to stay engaged with what is going on. It is very hard to find the truth too. However, it is so important that you continue to engage in topical events and believe you can find the truth. This will sound like I am telling you to stay negative, so let me explain further. The nature of reality is this; observation changes the outcome. You are all capable of converting energy thought patterns. So never give up; the only real tool being used against you is discouragement.”
  2. In line with what E56 is saying, watch for the moving target. The pandemic was one of many strategies planned ahead of time to create the Great Reset. My prediction is that Climate change is next. We are being told on an ongoing basis that the weather is out to get us, yet the proof shows otherwise. Please do not get me wrong, we indeed must clean up our act, but we can survive the warming trend the planet is going through but working with the natural systems and not against them. Find ways to align with the biological systems.
  3. Keep your faith. Do not fall for the Scientism being preached at you. REAL Science is an ever-evolving system, asking questions, exploring answers, studying, making theories, and repeating repeatedly. Right now, what is being called science is very biased by money. Follow the money because you will learn a lot about what is going on. If you know in your gut what you are being told, based on scientific study, can not be correct; trust that.
  4. Change is not easy but necessary. Discontent begets change, and we are not meant to stay in one state. Embrace the journey and that will help you integrate influence into what defines the future.
  5. Prepare for the worse, but pray for the best. Create a cover-your-butt reality, so you are not thrown off balance when Shit Hits The Fan. The first and easiest step is to connect and create community; it will be there to have our back when needed. Get out and know your neighbors, be an active member of groups. If you don’t find your groups create them. Think everything through; where do you get your information from? Who are your local farmers, where is your money stored? How do you use your currency?
  6. We are going into a new Industrial revolution where all things will need a real purpose. We will be downsizing and rethinking what benefits the greater good of all. No longer will growth for growth’s sake be tolerated. Be prepared for old ways to be brought back anew and for the resurgence of mechanical systems. For the next evolution to be regenerative, restorative, and sustainable, we need to focus less on Computer technological growth and more on the individual’s intellectual growth. This is what our children need.

In closing, I want to repeat this as I have said many times before. We are all equally valid and precious. We all matter, and we need to keep our eyes open right now to see what is going on in the world.

The things that are controversial today are being disclosed regularly. I hope this blog was able to confirm reality.

Rev. Lea Walter

Here are a few more links you may find very interesting:

The link above – you will find all the books, articles, arts, and videos by Stefan Verstappen. He teaches about forming communities and survival.

Maajid talks about his personal horrific expereinces and the hard start he had to life, then goes on to talk about why his expertise applies to the pandemic and the great reset. I highly recommend you listen to Maajid Nawaz
The Social Delema – you can find it on Youtube

In October of 2021 E56 told me to watch the heard animals in North america for the Corona virus. Sure enough about a month afterwards there was an article on Mountian Goats dieing from a so called infections disease. Then in 2002 more articles poped up directly talking about all white tail deer having a version of Corona that came from Humans. E56 told me this was created by the vaccine, that the nature of the coronavirus was such that it would mutate and hide back in the animal population. This last week pbs published and article stating the first case of a deer infecting a human.

I first shared this information in 2019 and recently rediscovered it when taking down my Facebook personal page. The CDC was using Zombie images and scenarios to teach in schools.

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