Newsletter for March 21st to April 25th 2022

Spring is here in the Fraser Valley! However we are having a slow start to the warmer and dryer part of our year. Buckets of rain and grey skies for the last few weeks.

selective focus photography of pink and yellow tulips flowers
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A podcast/blog on what is going on in my world this week. I am also talking about the book and course.

The extraordinary story of how patient access to COVID treatments was denied, eventually involving witch hunts of physicians who dared to treat patients” – By Dr. Meryl Nass

On March 31st Sadhguru is going on a motorcycle trip to raise awareness for Save Soil! We can all join in by talking about how to save our soil.

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Have you discovered Sunstack yet? Check out this site from Alex Berenson, former New York times reporter.

Take a look at the Canadian Banking Agency publication from 2018 on Digital ID future.

More on the Digital world.

Ranting on the Woo woo stuff again. Did you miss me doing this. LOL

Do you fancy yourself to be a Preper or Survivalist? I was sent this amazing site recently that is pretty damn thorough.

A moment from BC’s History – Documentary on Mystery Mountain.

Last but not least, an award winning short film.

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