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“Meet the Fossils”: Ancient life that powers our world

When we burn fossil fuels to power our homes and cars, we’re burning the remains of ancient life – plants and animals that were transformed over millions of years into coal or oil. And we are using up that resource at a rapid rate. Writer and narrator Robert Krulwich explains how in this “CBS Sunday Morning” video essay, based on the work of Aatish Bhatia. Animation directed and designed by Nate Milton. Music by Buck St. Thomas.

Go to 1:58 if you do not have time to listen to the whole podcast.

It is not just a Beaver who is up to Shenanigans, but a Squirrel too. Is this real or are they covering up problems with the grid with these bizzarre stories.

A welcome walk down memory lane. And yes it is named after the infamous dog of Oz.

Is it true? Did an bot becom sentient? Let me know what you think.

Who has your back? Documentary from Tim Kennedy on perserving and protecting human life.

Sunday Morning on Verticla Farms.

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