These days I find the trees are angry…

The video below is quite a bit darker than I usually talk about so be forewarned. I hope it does help you all in being more prepared for future events, or that is helps you make sense of experiences you are having.

A true rant – darker than I usually am so be forewarned.

My heath and things I am researching.

I am working hard on my gut health these days and using a lot of dietary things to do so. I am changing what I eat for sure, and it might not be what you think. I have not resonated with vegan or vegetarian diets ever, because proper fats and healthy meats are so important to me. The interesting thing with the changes I have made, like getting healthy beef back into my diet is that I have lost weight again. Not just a bit but a significant amount since spring, 18lbs.

Here are some links to show what it is I am doing.

Here is a fascinating book I a listening too. I highly recommend it to you all.

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