A look at Fear

George sits at his desk unable to concentrate on his work.  All he can think about is something he heard said about him at lunch.  No one knows he heard and he will not talk about it to anyone.  Now all he can do is sit and look like he is working while he mentally plays out his anger.

Does this cycle sound familiar to you?  Do you find there are repeat patterns in your life where you become stressed, isolate yourself and keep it secret?  

It may surprise you to know that this is how fear manifests and manipulates our lives.

Seven signs you need to work on fear:

  1. You are vulnerable to others.
  2. You feel a little out of sync with friends and family.
  3. You have the idea that no one understands you.
  4. Your mind looks for ways to defend and protect in most social situations.
  5. You don’t really know who the authentic version of you is.
  6. Most of your health issues revolve around stress.
  7. You find it hard to act lovingly towards yourself.

Most situations in life that create fear are based on labeling, judgment and the need to control others.  Here are a few ways to manage fear:

  • Be still and just observe.  Take a moment to walk in someone else’s shoes.  Be good at reading others body language and become good at expressing yourself with yours!
  • React with compassion towards those who are negative in any way.  It diffuses and disarms the situation.  Be able to walk away without attachment to outcome.
  • Remember assertiveness really just means you can be articulate.  You have the ability to explain things so others understand – even if they do not agree.
  • Take a close look at who you feel attracted to interact with.  Are you surprised at what your instincts tell you?
  • Take time to know yourself.  You will be surprised at how many things change when you become really authentic with your likes and dislikes.  Trust that this does not put anyone out – instead it will shift who relates to you on a heart level.
  • Make yourself your first best friend by being loving and compassionate to you.  Don’t be afraid to let your emotions be felt by yourself and others.  This of course does not mean acting out in anger; it does however mean acknowledging your anger.  Remember in kindergarten when you were told to use your words?  That is still true today.  The more you are happy and familiar with your emotional body, the more you will find it does not get blocked up and explode out of necessity.

Fear comes from programming that happened way before we had a voice to do anything to protect ourselves from it.  Our society today is fear based.  It is easier to be controlled when you living with fear.  The beauty is that as adults we can find that voice and again and recover missing joy in life.  How do you really get passed fear?  You do it by enlisting love, compassion, will and laughter. 

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