Question: Can anyone become a Medium?

It is often said that Mediums are “born not createdso at time’s people question their ability to develop mediumship skills. 
Here are my thoughts on this, and they are not necessarily those of the greater spiritualist community. Remember there is gratification in having control…

I teach mediumship development and I will take on anyone who wants to learn. If mediumship at its roots is defined as the ability to communicate with the dead and offer proof of life after death then I know with 100% certainly that all people can be mediums.

Often I see people’s belief system standing in the way of their development… Know that if you think you can – you will!

However abilities will manifest in unique and individual ways depending on your interests, meditation skills and natural talents. An example of this would be with that of a healer. You will find your skills grow faster when applying mediumship to your healing practices.

In case you missed that let me clarify – anyone who is a healer is also tapping into and using there mediumship abilities. Most healers are also channels.

The Clar. abilities you have a predisposition for set the stage for how your mediumship skills develop. Your communication from spirit can be a Seeing, a Knowing, a Sensing, a Sound, or a Scent. One of the most common communications from spirit is a smell of perfume, or tobacco.  One of the least common is communication through a sense of taste (Clairgustance).

All of us come into this life with a main Spirit Guide, and a Guardian Angel. We communicate with these beings on the other side as a matter of course. Some of us will never acknowledge the interaction outside of dreams but I also know from my experiences that the communication will happen anyway. If all of us have Spirit Guides and Angels we communicate with on a daily basis then it is not a far reach to see that we are all Mediums.

The society and culture that we are arising from has been one where communication with spirit and the other side was in the hands of a chosen few. The more we wake up and recognize our latent powers then more connect we will become to our true nature.

It takes practice and work to become a medium that can do` readings for others or act in service to the community. There are as many different types of Mediums as you can imagine. Remember as my main guide says, “work on the skills you have strength in and when you are completely developed in that area you will begin on a new skill”.

Oh and in-case you didn’t know Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!

Okanagan Medium – June 16, 2013
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