Kaleden Rescue Project, Part 2 of 3

Axiatonal Grid: Vibratory lines which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrobiological analogs. 

Part Two:

We begin part 2 with a review in what we experienced with spirits inside, and a walk through that 3 members did. I was setting up inside so that I could talk over Skype to the rest of the group later on when they were walking on the property to set up the Crystal Grid and visit the area what was inside the ground.  Unfortunately the Skype didn’t work but we did talk over our cells.  Later on when I was saving my audio recording of this my computer crashed and I lost the recording.

I had to stay inside and do my part remotely as the terrain was to much for me to walk back up from with my mobility issues.  Our group left with the crystal quartz points for the grid and several other times that were to be left outside during this part.

Here is the continued part of the pod cast from March 2014.  To start with Colleen talks of who was present in spirit, and then we all talk of how the rest played out.

 Tammy’s pendulum was working over time during this part of our rescue.

 As often happens the camera was giving Pat a hard time.

I love this shot of Claudia walking off to lay one of the crystals for the grid.

Here is the Video Pat refers to in the podcast of the Deer they were looking at and the camera was not recording.  Is it a shape shifter?

In the next podcast segment you get to hear about the adventures at and inside of the old cellar/underground area.

I want to clarify something at this point. In the previous clip we talk of a little boy that Selena saw as she was shutting the doorway to the Demigod.  I don’t want you to be confused with that when you hear us talk of a little boy after the event.  They are two different boys.  The little boy that Selena saw was trying to trick her.  It was a projection of the Demigod.  The little boy we are discussing afterwards is the spiritual re-embodiment of the Native man.  I explain the rest in the last clip coming up.
Selena asked me at one point what I meant by Demigod so I will explain here.  To me a Demigod is a being that is energy and has never been incarnate or physical life. Demigods are divinity created by man, instead of being the creation of the Universe.  The Demigod in this case was a bundle of negative energy created by tragedy and strife that had occurred on that spot over a long period of time.  Our choice to take him to the earth again by driving him back into that doorway was one of healing and renewal.  Gaia is amazing in her ability to transmute and refresh energy.  I have no doubt that the Demigod went through his own rebirth and all that energy he was made from dispersed through out the Earth

It was at this point, after I had watched Grandmother Grizzly make such a loving sacrifice of herself

that went beyond limits and time that I started to get very emotional.  I have to add in here that it is very very seldom I do lose my control on my emotions to this extent.  I put a lot of thought into this, because it was not just at the moment, it was for many months afterwards I would choke up with revisiting the event when talking to others.  My conclusion was this, I think I was responding to her sacrifice and the spiritual resurrection of our Native man as they happened simultaneously. I responded to the energy radiating out and bringing about a balanced print of Divine Masculine and Feminine in the Axiatonal Grid.  The tears I was shedding were not only in sadness but in the deep joy that comes from releasing such sadness.

This last clip of the pod cast was the first time I could talk about it without chocking up.

To conclude Part 2 of Kaleden I want to add one additional video clip.  It is of us all standing and talking about what just happened in the under ground area below.  It was filmed for audio recording so please forgive the video quality.  🙂  I could have edited this to just be audio but to me there is some nice shots of all of us and it does not hold your interest as well in audio only.

Here is the strange Video clip that has corrected!!  Lets see if when you watch it you get the original or the healed version.  The healed version shall just be a regular video.  If you get the Original version please pay attention to how the video begins to react when the Tibetan bell is rung.

Here is the only clip we have of the activity at the cave as it happened.  It was also showing energy fluctuations in it’s original state and then corrected later on.  Lets see what you get when you watch it.  Can you find the Gnome?

This concludes Part two of three

General Time line for Part 2:

  • We finished our lunch then did a tech set up while some of us did a walk through
  • Everyone but myself went outside to do the grid
  • The cave/underground area was worked on
  • The big event with closing the portal
  • Debriefing in the front yard
  • Discovery and introduction of the little boy
  • All of part two happens in real time.

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