Family Christmas letter for 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone:

I just spent the first part of my morning filling out the paper work for being a Foster Parent for the BCSPCA (cats only).  The process has changed greatly since I did this when Niyanna was a child and when I had a daycare.  Back then you just called them, they came and looked at your home and you got a Mom and kittens almost immediately.  Now I have to wait for the orientation and education in May, then I get an interview and if I pass all that they will place me with a family.  I was hoping to do this for the winter months, we will see.  Maybe I can talk them into letting me do it sooner than later.

Poopers loves kittens and babies if all kinds (he babysat the baby skunks back on the farm in Lumby) and Carly needs better socializing.  What better way for that to happen than by being overwhelmed by kittens who won’t take her grumpy ass seriously.  Hehe.

Niyanna had to put Missy to sleep this year, at age 18.  She had cancer.  Missy was from the second fostering we did in the Stellar Kids daycare on Stellar Court.  I am sure you all remember the story of Niyanna getting the money to adopt Missy herself (She was 8 at the time).  At 6 months all the kittens had to go back to the SPCA, we had to go through the steps of adopting her to bring her back.  It was a hard few nights for Niyanna.  Then when we got Missy home, she was a little monster.  She tore up everything she could get her paws on, meowed, and would not settle down.  Niyanna and I both agreed she did not like being alone.

Jack was one of the male cats from the same litter, her brother.  I knew in my heart he would be a hard one to adopt out.  He had such a hard time growing up, first thing was an infection in his eye when it tried to open (His full name as “One eyed Jack” because I refused to let one of the day care kids – Ilyas name him “One eyed Willy”), then he refused to eat so I had to hand feed him when Mom cat decided they needed to be weaned, then he broke his leg at about 3 months and after that he just never socialized properly.

So Niyanna and I decided that I would adopt Jack, and that would be the best thing for Missy.  It was exactly the right thing.  She settled down immediately when he came back home and stayed that way right to the end.

They were so close, that when Jack had to be put down (he got diabetes about age 4), that she never fully recovered from it.  Every night after that, Missy would wander around crying, looking for him.  Every Night.  She did that right to the very end.  I got to see her this summer again, just before she passed, and witnessed her still doing this.

So part of my wanting to be a foster parent again is to honor our little Missy girl (Misau) and all that she added to our lives throughout the years.  She is a big part of our family stories and will remain so forever.

I have no doubt that she crossed that rainbow bridge and found Jack waiting for her there.

Robert and I concluded this year with many new adventures ahead.  I got my ordination this year and have started all the things that this entails (services, and teachings).  Robert is signing up for a Mechanics Apprenticeship through Valard Construction.  His job has been part fuel truck driving and part working with the mechanic.  This will be an easy next step and I know he will ace it.  Like he does other things he takes on.  Currently he is working out of Forestburg, Alberta,  No worries, most people have no idea where that is.

Next time we see you all we will have a new vehicle.  Time came for us to trade in the truck.  No complaints really as it as a great vehicle.  We have decided to stay home for Christmas this year and Niyanna is coming up to spend a week with us.

Both of us are well, and feeling very blessed these days.  Have a joyful Holiday, and many blessing into the coming year.

Love Robert and Lois (Poopers cat and Carly).

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