An interview I gave on the Wellness show.

Lois Gueret is a spirit medium, shaman, metaphysical minster, rescue medium/paranormal consultant and healer. She works one-on-one and in groups to achieve healing and communication with the dead and to have better understanding of any paranormal experiences they might have had.

Lois talks about her life journey helping others with spiritual events.

“I discovered I had a predisposition for helping people connect with their own spirituality and connecting with others.”

She says that in 2008, it still wasn’t considered to be mainstream or acceptable to say that they have had experiences that were of the spiritual nature or paranormal nature. Helping people step out of the spiritual closet was a whole new avenue for her to be a facilitator for something like that.

“I had a further and deeper understanding of what it actually means to help someone move on, It’s my belief that if you change what’s in your immediate environment that it has a ripple effect and therefore it creates the change you want to see.”

Karen offers opportunities to mediums, or intuitive people who are just waking up, to understand who they are and how to deal with the personal energies that are flowing through them.

Her suggestions include locating the “heart of the house”, and making sure all of the work that you do comes out of here. As well, she says that people need to have the ability and willingness to learn self-healing methods such as dousing, EFT and reiki.

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