How can I do? May 8 2016

This message started to come through when I was doing a reading preparation for a client.  Jophiel is new to speaking to me in such depth.  Prior to this he would be included in the collective voice of my guides or just for a quick comment.
Do you remember that day I said an angel walked into my house and I felt it was due to the energies here being restored?  I know now that was Jophiel.  Although I see a masculine form and refer to this archangel as he, there is really no gender here.

Jophiel is the arch angel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment.  I see Jophiel as a golden being and often holding a golden rose.  To me that color and ore represents Alchemy.  I feel that the element of water is associated with Jophiel and that the element of water is symbolic of the transition those on Earth today are going through.  A washing and cleansing, purification, and that water can shape and create change without rapid destruction. 
It is often asked, “What can I do?”  Implying that change is not possible when the situation is outside yourself, or in a different part of the world whether that be a 100 miles away or in a different country.  I want to discuss a different thinking here.
Change is always possible because distance and time do not play into the answer when it comes to spirit.  In the scenario where the situation is outside yourself, let’s say the situation involves your son.  It is correct to say that he has his own lessons, own journey and own life to live.  However he also chose you to as a parent, and that is connection/continuity.
You must keep in mind that control over is different from being enlightened.  One is force and the other is surrender.  Subtle but different.  Purposeful control of yourself is indeed surrender.
In another scenario, let’s look at the abducted females in Nigeria.  This is another country, another culture, and a situation of extreme violence.  It is easy to feel heart wrenched and hopeless.  Yes it is correct to know that this life was chosen by the spirit before coming in, and that applies to the abductee and the abductor.  However this is also happening during your life time, and at a time when everyone on Earth is in pursuit of divine feminine and masculine balance.
“What can I do?” You ask.
There is always something you can do.  In fact you’re engaged in doing something even when you choose to be ignorant and ignore what is going on.  The real question is “How can I do?”
How can I help?  How can I change things for the better?  How can I live in a world where such things take place?  How can I live with grief?  How can I live with violence?
With knowledge comes questions.  Also trust that to know and to not act on that knowledge means you didn’t really know in the first place.  Or that you did not understand the (em)-power-(ment) in that knowledge.
So let’s look deeper into the first scenario.  Let’s say you see your son is having trouble in school socially and all the things that come with that.  You are now at the point of hopelessness because nothing seems to be helping.  You feel that question “What can I do?”- Deep in your being.
Remember it is correct to know you cannot change your son, and his lessons.  However with the question, ‘How can I do?” you can bring the change to you instead.  In your world currently the transition is from Duality to Unity.  With the question “How can I do?”- You are engaging the transition.  You get to identify with your connections instead of your separations.  Then the options open up to lots of possibilities.  You resign your limitations to embrace the freedom of choice.  You teach your son by example so it works on a psychological level but at the same time you are connected to source energy and that ripples out into your environment.
Everything is connected.
In the second scenario of the abducted women in Nigeria, this method also works.  “How can I do?” works because you are able to connect, and effect change on a spiritual level.  You can go as deep as you want with this, being bold and maybe asking why a part of you needed this lesson.  The answer will be there, you can use that knowledge for enlightenment instead of control over. 
With this journey to embracing your wholeness on a gender level, it is obvious that a merging of masculine and feminine has to occur.  Part of the lesson here may revolve around making that happen.  If you have knowledge of this, then you need to apply it to you.  Being more evolved sexually (I am not talking about the physical act here), and directly looking for ways of merging your own masculine and feminine traits will be the “How can I do”.
Imagine what would occur if this was applied individually?  Do you understand?
The lesson will be personal and I am not telling you what to think or what your answer is.  I am however telling you to take a moment and examine what part you take.  In both scenarios the level of heart energy involved is critical.  When you apply surrender then the heart energy moves to a more evolved state of heart/mind.  With self-healing comes outward healing, with self-acknowledgement comes continuity and when that happens fear will dissolve.
Change is possible because the universe is created by endless source of probability.  Let go of the need to control and duality thinking. Move forward to connectivity, surrender and balance.  It is all about cause and effect on a higher vibrational level.  However that does not mean, “Always being in a state of bliss.”  Do you understand?  Balance means that the scale is never in one place for too long.  You want to be able to acknowledge, learn and grow so that the lessons that have to come, do not take a long time, and do not harbor extremes to be seen and heard.
You want to be quick to retreat to an observer, so that you can get to “How can I do” with ease.
Archangel, Jophiel 

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