Gurus. February 20th 2016


All journeys are inward ones.  If you look outside yourself for the truths – then you are going to miss out on the golden rule that exists in your own heart.  The reason or purpose of a Mentor/Guru is to guide you to finding the path to your own inner journey.  And at times when you stray from that path to gently guide you back.

We want you to feel encouraged to question everything and resolve or come to understandings based on your individual outlook.  Personal reality exists.  However, when letting go of duality consciousness in 2016, you need to couple that with letting go of the, “us / them or me / you” thought process.  There is only one, only source and you are not separate from that.  The Unity Field.

You are the Guru and the student.  You are the spiritual teacher and the spiritual pilgrim.  You are driver and the passenger on this ship.  You are the ship.  Keep empowered, while keeping connected.  

The Collective

(When I asked who was delivery this message that is the answer I received.  It actually sounds like a personification of the Akashic records.)

P.S. I was talking to a friend this morning and discussing empathy.  I think that empathy is an evolutionary trait that we asked for.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  What I was saying was right now emphatics suffer because they are receiving.  However all empaths will eventually discover they can also have telepathy.  In which the ability to broadcast will arise.  Can you imagine a world where we have evolved to the point where empathic people can broadcast – sending out the influence of love, compassion and grace to everyone?

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