Upon rebirth into the soul. February 13th 2016

For all of those who are feeling a loss, whether it be current or in the past this message is for you.
One question that is voiced over and over again is what happens when you leave your body and the enter otherside?  The first thing to know: It is harder to come into the physical than it is to leave.  The transition to being in a body is at times confusing and at times takes a while to accept.  When you become spirit, there is no definitive ending like one imagines.  It is a gradual easy graduation with a lot of support from loved ones.  Loved ones include your ancestors, guides, angels, spirit friends and source.
The only difference at first is an awareness that you are no longer in your body.  This happens because you can see your body and witness that ending, because no one physically present can see you anymore, and because your ability to move about becomes instantly different (for example you can fly).  In a few cases there are variations on this when someone graduates in an altered state, or do to intense sudden trauma.  During those few times a spirit can enter into the spiritual realm confused and the loved ones need to intervene in an intensive manner.
What this means is that time/space just after you passed (and remember time is a construct of your reality) is created by your beliefs, the environment in which you died and at times how you died.  The latter being less significant.
From the moment you leave the body until you get your bearing’s you will exist in the “space” of your creation.  Sometimes in the house you loved as a home, or in the locations of the life you just left behind.  This can be called a haunting in your reality.  Most time it has a dual purpose.  The departed is there in a spiritual way to comfort and console the ones who are left behind to grieve.  Sometimes this will continue longer than other times if the spirit needs to communicate with the living one last time.  There is more to this stage but we won’t go into that in detail in this message.  This is what is going on in phase one, two and into phase three.
So that experience you had when your daughter, mother or father … died was real.
Most times it takes three days for a spirit to fully adjust to the workings of not being in the physical.  We are going to call that phase one.
After that most spirits continue to stay earth bound until the funeral.  Not for their benefit, but for the benefit of others still alive.  Do not worry about it revolving around a funeral.  This transition can happen without definitive rituals.  You could for instance just have you body cremated, without a memorial or funeral.  There are at times reasons why this happens.  Trust that the Universe will find a way to recite what needs to happen in order for progress.  Remember again we are outside of time in spirit, so this can take different amounts of time in your reality depending on the circumstances.  We are going to call this phase two.
Phase three is the period of rest, restoration and review.  This is self-explanatory is it not?  You will be in what you would see as “your” healing environment while this happens.  It can take as long as you want, or as little time as you want.  No one is judging you, only supporting what needs to happen for you to achieve your goal of being fully in the realm of spirit.  You are made aware of the other lives you are a part of during this phase.
Phase four is really just a decision on where you are going to go for phase five.  In phase four you are in conversation with your loved ones, higher self, guides, angels and source.  You are made aware of all the choices available.  Then you are reconnected/absorbed into the soul you are a part of in stage five, and then regenerated into one of the following forms:  a version of who you were in the life just left, a version of you who is to re-enter into the physical, or a version of you that stays in the space just outside of the physical to live out a variation of in service.  At times a spirit will be completely absorbed back into the soul and at that conjunction a whole other set of options appear taking you to phase 6 and beyond.
The second question voiced is about pain.  I must reassure you no one dies in pain.  The body is capable of experiencing pain.  Your spirit and soul are not.  Almost all the time you become a spiritual observer of the body before it shuts down.  More pain is experienced and remembered on a physical level in birth than in death.
There are times when you will see a loved ones breathing change, or facial expression change as they are dying leaving you to believe there was great distress at death.  Please know that the spirit is already out of the body at that time, the essence of the person you love is also observing the physical body shutting down.  Respite and grace are always given to the spirit graduating.  The exception to this would “only” be if the spirit requested a different parameter when coming into the physical.  For example they may have requested to experience the process of the body shutting down.  This is not a popular choice these days.  All spirits have experienced this moment before and don’t need to do it more than once.
Do you stay connected in a spiritual way to all of the spirits you know?  Yes you do.  Do your loved ones know of your life after they are gone to spirit?  Yes they do.  Trust this is true.  No one needs to fear death.  In reality living is such a short stay in comparison to the space spent in spirit.  If you are someone who is coming close to the conclusion of this life in the physical please let go of that fear, trust and know that you are being taken care of.  If you are with someone who is close to departing, give them your strength, and love.  Let them know you love them, and that they are going to be ok in death.  Talk to the Universe for them, invite in their loved ones to come and assist before they take their last breath.  
You are capable of doing this as it does not require super powers or any ability beyond love.  If the loss you experienced was sudden or if you could not be present – you can still do this.  It is never too late to offer assistance and healing.
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