An exercise in time. February 7th 2016

An exercise in Time:
Time is a construct of your personal-physical reality and we as spirit guides and celestial beings do not experience time in the same ways as you do.  We get to experience multi-dimensions and our progression/events do not need to flow in one direction.
With the alterations that have been happening to Earth, and the ascension of the residents, it might surprise you to know that you are more in control of time than you used to be.  Yes time must continue in a linear fashion for all of you in the physical.  However there are now some cracks in the veil of time.  We could say that realization and understanding of time and its reference points have been expanded to include things that are outside of time too.
This week I am going to extending an invitation to all of you.  If you are so inclined you can experience one of those cracks.  It is a chance to have a glimpse of the new nature of your reality.
All you need to do is set your intention to “having an experience of time”.
Look for things that seem to be happening in a different sequence that you are used too, look for historical events that receive media attention this week and how you perceive them, and look for what you would normally consider to be the future – foretold to you personally.
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