We are One. January 31st 2016

This message was hard for me to bring through. It came in pieces over the course of the week. Seemingly disjointed and cryptic. The main body of the message is something I am still trying to absorb. I know it also might startle some members of my page to hear my guide talking this way – however I do “get” the reason why they did.


When creating situations in life that lead to regret and yearning, remember you can’t move past those moments with the same thinking.

Let’s look at regret and yearning – let’s look at that thinking.
This occurs when you are of the mind (ego) that somehow you are less than someone else.  
This very situation is being played over and over again on Earth at this time.  It is coming up so vibrantly because of the need to have our attention focused on changing permanently.
A simple example would be regret for something you said to another.  It is a moment you let go of your oneness – your complexity in regards to the amazing you that you are.  A moment when you forget that “you are actually each other”.  Rash words and then actions can ripple out from that moment.
Yearning couples regret in almost all cases.  You would instantly yearn to have made different choices.
Now you can have yearning that ends in regrets too.  Yearning to be better than, can lead to regret.
A complex example would be (and this is the one that I was given when this message started last Monday).  Putting another culture above your own, in such a way that you see yourself as segregated or separated.  A lot of indigenous cultures are regarded this way.  
Do not see yourself as separate from the whole.  See yourself as the continuum.  When the universe loves you it does not say that a Native American, or a Tibetan receive more love than anyone else.  It always sees the equality.  The continuum. 
It is no different to regard an enlightened person as superior than it is to regard a troubled person as inferior.  Both situation create the same energy.  The same disconnect from Universal source.
Know (again) that you are never disconnected.  Your spirit is connected to your soul and that soul is always a part of all energy that exists in the Universe.  There is no door mark bad or good where energy is separated into when it returns to source.  It is all one.
The thinking that changes regrets, and ends yearning has to be one where you realize that you were never apart.  We are a collective in spirit no matter what scenario we are acting out in our physical forms.
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