The Children – January 24th 2016

During this message both Aza and Ezekiel came to talk. Ezekiel talks about the Elders of 24 and I wanted to give you a little but more information about them. They are spoken of in Revelations. They are celestial or angelic beings not really of this time frame or dimension. They can appear as both a spiritual being or as a star family being. The angelic / celestial hierarchy places the Elders of 24 at the top of a group called the Brotherhood. Neither male of female as gender is interchangeable for them. The only other being who is closer to God is Metatron. Take some time to look for more information on the Elders of 24. My information comes from my own research as I was introduced to them during a class I taught in 2012.


(Aza) Here you are in the shadow of another shooting at a school.  I feel it is time to talk about the children of the new energies and what is available to them spiritually.
(Ezekiel) The first wave of intelligence for the new energies is now having children.  This first wave has gone through many trials and implemented changes in preparation.  They needed to do this to prepare the way for the second wave and to set up their job as guardians and parents.  I am only taking about two generations in this message but please do not discount the importance of Grandparents and indeed family in regards to the generation in progress at this time.  From my point of view the term generation does not have the time reference that your definition does.  You may know of a “few spirits” who are in various stages of life and recognize them as a part of this generation I am speaking off.  Do not be concerned for that.
The evolution of planet Earth is continuous and planned. 
How it plays out, the time line, and who participates is part of free will.  Everyone involved right now is doing so willingly – as many souls have a vested interest in this outcome.
Do you have a child who has been born in the last 5 to 7 years?  A Grandchild? Niece or Nephew?  Have you noticed just how unique they are?  You agree there is advancement.  What is your role in this child’s life and how do you fulfill that role?
Today I want to talk about who the Guard is for this generation (smiles).  I am going to talk about who is in spirit as a guard; as you are the physical guard.  There are three main celestial beings:

1)  Mary.  AS everyone’s mother.  You can turn to her in prayer, in meditation, with intention.  She is the Goddess embodiment at this time.  Her ultra-feminine life when incarnate is reflected in her soul celestial light she has taken on since her death.  Not as a religious being, not as the Catholic mother of Jesus but as the embodiment of the virgin birth, creation and evolution.  She is the one who intervenes and assists right now.  The listener, and comforter.

    2)  The 24 Elders.  These Celestial beings, this group of the Brotherhood of light has come to actually right / write the new way for this generation.  Some of their essence is transferred into each spirit being brought into the physical in this 2nd wave.  They stand for self-learning, they have higher vibration which was only possible to transfer into the humans in this unique environment.  It is going to be hard for us who are not of this energy to focus on it, and comprehend it.  That is ok.  It is not really meant for us it is meant for the children and the generations to come.  Their very presence on the planet is responsible for creative change – and it is inevitable.  You can talk to your 2nd wave family members about this group and let them know they have access to it directly.  Although I have to warn you that they already know.  They live in the now continuously and it will be hard to make them see anything other than that.  Having an understanding of who they are and knowing about the 24 Elders will really help you out here.

3)  Twin flame spirit guides: All children right now are going through this life with a twin flame spiritual guide and companion on the other side.  That means they divided – became two spirits – one in the physical and one in the celestial, in order for this to happen.  It is possible for walk in’s to occur when needed during rough time or when a break is needed.  It is Binary.  Family will even notice this happening if they pay attention closely.  The souls choosing to enter into a spirit having a physical experience are all from many other locations in the Universe and used to a different way of being.  The events taking place on Earth right now are the evolution to the souls and higher beings just as they are to the planet.  This attribute will keep the generation aware of the bigger picture, have fully developed psychic centers right from the start that are not let go of as they mature.  It is a huge asset in communication and the balance of the male and female energies.

Most of the issues that arose with the first wave in regards to integrating into society will be resolved with this generation.  We know more and know better now.  All you learned with ascension in regards to time management must be put into practice with these babies/children.  You cannot compromise as they will call you on it right away.  The result of such compromising will be similar to the events in last week.
(Aza) Please teach your children means of protection spiritually.  Please let them know just how precious they are and how much they are wanted.  Let them learn about spirituality in all forms and let them develop their own faith.  Trust me when I say they have access to more knowledge than you will ever be able to comprehend because on a DNA level they can handle it, while we cannot.  Take time to listen – just listen to them.

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