January 17th 2016 – Healing message including a disclaimer for everyones safety.

My guides have delivered a message that contains life style changes and advice.  I want to be clear up front that although it contains powerful “spiritual” medicine it is not meant to replace any medical advice you currently have from your person physician.  Let me repeat Do NOT stop any medical treatment you are currently on unless advised by your doctor to do so.  So if you misunderstand what I am saying and come back to me saying you had a negative result because you didn’t listen – I am going to call you on that.
The lifestyle changes are complimentary, but you need to make sure you do not have any interactions my guides do not know about.  They are giving a message to a large group – not to individuals.  I want you to find someone to consult with in your area that can guide you and insure you get the best results for you!  Now that can be a spiritual coach, Naturopath, herbalist, nutritionists and so on.  Please remember – I leave that part up to you.
Also do not share this channeled message from them with anyone UNLESS you include this disclaimer with it.  Thank you!!
For deeper understanding, integrity and efficiency all of the following material has been interacted in the physical world on a few different levels and people prior to delivery to you.  This message is a compilation of the two spirit guides and Celestial being of whom you would see as an angelic energy form.  (If you watch you will see the changes in the writing depending on who is talking… kind of freaks me out, Lois).
Over the course of this planets history great changes have occurred during upheaval and spiritual growth.  You are currently entrenched in one such period.  Shall we call it post ascension or P.A.?  Because you are in this P.A. we wanted to offer you some good advice on how to connect spiritually in a healthy way.  So many things changed in a short period of time, including your DNA and energy bodies.
Even if you are not aware of said changes they are still there.  As Lois likes to say “In spite yourself, you have all 12 in body chakras at this time”.  So even if you did not apply yourself to attaining spiritual enlightenment you still got the same upgrades.  (My one guide Ezajabah is laughing at this idea!)
Step one: take a moment to meditate and assess what molecular changes have happened for you.  Everyone can do this.  I suggest that you document them for yourself.  Some of these changes will have physical symptoms like disease or pain.  All this means from our perspective is a misalignment is still present in that area and it can be corrected.  Please trust that you have all the tools needed to self-assess and attain deeper understanding of your own body.  These physical changes, these DNA awakenings and re-patterning’s are reflected and corresponding to your energy body and energy centers.  You can also find how your energy body has changed.  (One other guide added in here that the energy body which has had lives on other planets brought that capability with them to this life. The ability to transform/advance midlife like you are all doing).
Expansion means a shedding of the old.  Due to this you all need to pause and take care to repair and ensure all the shedding has completed.  
Which leads to step two:  All of you know this by now that nothing can be rushed.  There is no point in even trying to do that.  Where do you find time to get things done that are really important?  Well that part is actually easy once you have changed your belief on time.  Never say, “I don’t have enough time to do what I like to do”.  You get the idea??
On Earth you all have what you do for a living and what your work is.   The secret lies in combining the two.  A few of you are still not doing this and it is harmful and painful to go through.  The time to make sure you are healthy on all levels after all the changes you have come through comes from slowing down, and being real.  The world may seem to be culturally contrary to this but trust me it is you who is driving that wagon – on an individual scale.
The really fun part to all of this is that in 2016 there is no way to fail.  You have everything else in place, just let yourself let go and do what you know needs to be done.

What are we talking about here?  Everyone needs to pay attention to their complete being – especially their organs.  Pay attention to what you are exposing yourself too, what you eat, who you associate with, how you express yourself emotionally, and your home environment.   All the things you were learning about for the last 10 years.  APPLY them NOW. No – NOW.  (Laughing again)
Step three:  This is actually step one but we are placing it in this order to help with understanding.  You need to get rid of the propaganda, the psychic attacks, and energy restrictions being placed on you by those who think they need to have control.  Fear is responsible for this happening.  So it is time to get fear out of your life for good.
Let’s look at some really basic ways of doing this.  Plan and organize time for yourself to practice these please.  Once again no rushing this process… you need to let it happen as it happens.
    1)  You know any time you feel off kilter, under the weather, tired for no reason, anxiety, ill, too energized, lost, sad, confused, unable to see clearly, overly hungry, or not hungry at all – AND it is holding you back from doing what needs to be done.  Anytime you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.  Anytime you feel like others are draining you, holding you down.  That is the time to treat it as a psychic attack.  Please don’t see this as an “us and them” scenario.  No one set out to purposely control you, no need to be paranoid.  Just realize that this is a lesson you set yourself up to learn before you got here.  Now all you have to do is say NO.  That is all.  It is that simple.  Just say no – I am not accepting this feeling any longer.  No I am not going to be driven by fears anymore.  No I am letting you go and not keep attached to you.  Just say NO.  Try it right now.  If you need to picture that energy beside you, escort it to the front door, open the door and tell it good bye.  Don’t come back.
    2)  Listen to music that uplifts you, dance, spend time outside, play with your fur family, burn incense, chant, color, garden, create art … the list can go on.  Do any of these things after you let go of a psychic energy attack.  Do what it is that you belief uplifts you and gives you back what you need.  When you remove energy from your life, when you cut a cord, or when you spiritual clean house you must draw in the positive loving energy to replace it with.  Fill yourself back up!
    3) On a rare occasion you are going to find you need assistance in getting this started.  That is OK too.  Ask a friend for help.  I guarantee you that it is just your beliefs holding you back.  Borrow someone else beliefs for a while till yours are capable of change.
The result will be instant.
All of you.  100% all of you have the ability right now to take things one step at a time and make change.  We are not telling you to jump on a plane and fly into Syria to work as an aid, however noble that might be.  What we are telling you is that by changing your energy in your little space you will create change on mass.  You all know this, even if you are not doing it yet.  2016 is the year.
Think on this, time is only a function of your ego construct.  Therefore all of this is/has already happened.  You are just lining yourself up so you can have recognition and firsthand experience.  Time flows both ways, if you journey onto a different time line with more hope the past corrects itself for you.
 Collective message from Aza, Ezajahbah and Ezekiel.
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