Age Part One by Aza – June 22 2016

Today for me personally is a clearing day.  I am going to do some touch up energy work in my house and extent that into the area I live in.  The message that has been sitting in my spiritual cue is from Aza and it is about age.  I have asked him if we can do this in two parts, as I am late getting it online and I would appreciate having something prepared for next Sunday in the same session.  He as agreed.
Age Part One.
I am not a poet at heart so this message will not be in the form of poetry, however the intent of the message is poetic in its nature.
I want to talk about Age:
1)    You are all a certain age in this carnated life you inhabit on earth.  Really that just means it is a measurement of progress from your birth till you enter back into spirit and the realm of beyond time.  Most of you chose to celebrate the years of life as they pass by, allowing others to show you how much your time spent with them means.  Sometimes your age will show, as a physical measure.  Your body changes, your memory shifts, and you have a wiser and older outlook on life.  Not always – however but that is only true for a minority.  Some day’s age is suspended and you can feel time in its universal capacity, and when that happens there is infinity in a second.
2)      Age is also marked by stages of life.  Your first steps, school, marriage, the birth of a child, celebrations of life, jobs, and resolutions.  How this time reference passes is individual for everyone.  Personal.  Sometimes it will come in chucks and other times it will pass by slowly … and in it passing there can also be a physical measure.  Weight lifted, or burdens carried forward.  This is one of the beauties and appeal in coming to live on earth.  Although it can be heart wrenching at times, the capacity for the heart to soar is set free in the experience.
3)      Age can bind you into a moment.  How many of you feel stuck by an event that happened in childhood?  The struggle can be real to reset time, to let go of that event and move on from it.  Your purpose can be explained in that struggle.
4)      Agelessness is a blessing that comes to those who can concur time.  Even though you can say of a new born infant that he or she is an old soul, it can also be said that he or she is ageless.  Outside of time, beyond earthly constraints, graced, and of the light.  All of us has experienced this from time to time.  You have all met someone who was in the category.  It is also something that can be achieved.  Your purpose can unfold to be that of becoming ageless.
To be continued…
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