Age Part two by Aza June 26th 2016

I do not always make it easy for my Guides and Aza is more than just a Guide to me. At times I am so set on being in the physical. I deny my contact with them often when I need it the most. Of course from my ego based brain I go straight to “why are you not helping me?” I bring this up because just before reconnecting to complete part two of Aza’s message he was speaking to me of this and a moment I had yesterday. His suggestion for a future message is to address this state I get into at times as it will help others too. He was giving me some tips on how to recognize and move past it when it happens. Something to look forward to next Sunday.
 Here is Part Two of Aza’s message on age:
5. The age of enlightenment is a familiar phrase for you. This is an age that you are all in the latter half of, and also an age that the Gaia itself is in. The age of enlightenment is something that happens also when one enters the wisdom years of life. The pattern of it is to contemplate, to recognize that you are not set in your ways, you are capable of moving beyond the restrictions that others (society) places on you. You are all now the Grandfathers and Grandmothers (no matter what your birth age) to the generation being brought into life at this time. You are meant to sit back on the deck chair, listen while you drink your morning cup of tea/coffee, and where ever the day leads to from there is purely your choice. Determination, tenacity, in the ways that you learn to pause and set your own pace. Then when you do talk, it will be your unified truth. No need to beat about the bush. The biggest change will be to the dynamics of the emotional body. The possibilities for healing at this time are infinite, making this an age of Global healing too. Spiritual healing, and the conclusion of trauma.
6. The Age of Enlightenment is coupled and closely associated with the Age of Ascension because it is a longer term cycle of the same thing. Where the Age of Enlightenment is tracked in the written history of Earth, there is no written record of the Ages of Ascension. Or shall we say its attempts. Written history can show where you were in the Age of Enlightenment prior, the predictions for the Age of Ascension are based on the undocumented history. The souls recall, your higher consciousness, and some clues left behind. It is a plan we set in place for this planet, a goal to try and move beyond 3rd dimensional reality into the realms beyond and to do it right this time. And as said before in other messages, time is not linear so other lifetimes are influencing what is going on in your present time line now. This is an age of soul evolution. None of this would happen if it was not for the Age your Galaxy is in.
7. Galactic age. Does it really surprise you that there is a bigger system at play here? In Galactic age your Earth and all its inhabitants are part of this large picture of evolution. Every heavenly body is alive – and has a presence you could call soul. It is governed by elderly beings such as the Councils (12 and 24), the Seraphim, and Brotherhood of light, Metatron and God source. The Galactic age at this time is also one of Unity, conjunctions, bilateral influence, flux, birth and other dimensional influence. Micro – Marco exists. The heavenly bodies are evolving around you as a part of a bigger plan.
8. Universal Age is the cord binding it all together. The shift is not as extreme for the outer Universe as it is for the individual inner Universe but it is paralleled. Energy from Universal source is in charge of the events taking place here in your now. What is going on in your life reaches out and influences Galaxies from systems far away. The Universe is going into an age of advanced travel, inter dimensional shifting, mass systems of unity, merging, remembering of who we all are, and a higher state of calm. The Universe is entering an age of wisdom, surrender and acceptance.
I have given you this message so you can sit in reflection of just how important you are. I want you to feel the connections you all have in entirety. You are a cog in the wheel that is turning, nothing happens without you, and it is happening because you set the machine in motion. Your spark, your essence is perceived as individual at this moment but have no doubt ever that it is a part of the Universe and that will never change.
P.S. Spirit never picks the picture till now. Aza directed me to this one

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