September 25th 2016 Ezekeil with Aza and Ezajabah

Although Ezekiel was predominant in this message I felt Aza and Ezajabah there too. Part of that is due to the differences recently in spirit contact. It takes some different tuning by the medium but once you establish the solid connection then there is a strength to it that was not possible before. Any other mediums experiencing this too?


So much work is being done on clearing, and cleansing out of the old energies that you are going to implement an intention to re-establish / replenish. It is necessary to fill in the space or void left behind with what you want to manifest.

During your cleansing and clearing make sure you do stomp, and raise Cain. Get in touch with all the darkness, use your expression, and be thorough!
Really surrender to all of it, because none of you need to go through the same lessons of the past again at this point.

Surrender to it being multigenerational, multidimensional and multifaceted.

When it is done, when it over, start your replenishing with the mantra of what life is meant to be about. Happiness, contentment, joy, satisfaction, bliss. This is not fluff and bubbles. It Is not going to blind you to the truths or stop you from paying attention to what you need to focus on. It is simply acknowledging that things are different now, that what was in the past has concluded and you must move on.

It is simply going to be the fuel to get you through those times when remaining things come up to be acknowledge and cleared away. 

You are going to be repeating this process for each remaining clearing. Make it good and make it the last time. The remaining time in the year 2016 is going to be all about acknowledging the truths. The covers been ripped off. You did this. This was the plan all along and now you get to live through the experience of great transition.

Do not acknowledge those around you who are telling you “no” or “you can’t”. The real key, the real truth is that you can, and you will…

Note also that even though you are going into the winter in the North of Earth the planet it’s self is in spring. Birth and regrowth will present themselves to all of you in the next six months.

Compilation of mostly Ezekiel, with some Aza and Ezajabah.

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