Teacher Dude October 8th 2016 (recounting of personal expereience not a channeled message.)

There has been this other intelligence in the background during my channelings for several months now. Someone else, something else, and that impression has been getting stronger lately.  I just came out of my silence retreat and I had a focus, an intention, of personal matters to be dealt with.  Part of that is to do with manifesting on a new higher level than before while I am moving through the 4thdimensional paradigm.
Today instead of an actual channeled message I am going to talk about this other intelligence and my process of becoming more conscious of him, and share a few laughs about the wackiness of how it has played out.
So here we go.
I got a phone call this afternoon from the Scotia Bank.  That is the bank we have the SUV loan through, in my name.  They were calling to offer me a pre approved credit card for 7000.00.  Of course I said no (for many reasons).  After I ended the call with a “have a great day – click”, I had to laugh.  I am pretty good at manifesting money, but come on this is not what I was asking for!  Or so I said to the Universe with hand gestures.
That is when this other intelligence came back into my field or perception again.  Enjoying the humor of it all, as it were.  So I decided to dig a little deeper.
I had been calling this intelligence, “Teacher Dude”.  “Oh hey there is Teacher Dude,” or “Hi there, Teacher Dude”.  But without a real name or without a stronger connection there was no way I was going to attempt a public message and then sign it: “From Teacher Dude.”
Why was I calling him that? Well he looks like Dude from the Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) and he reminds me of a spiritual teacher.  Funny right? Yeah so anyways this time I was adamant that he works harder at talking to me or go away.
Telepathically or what ever you would call it in my meditation I decided to ask again, “what is your name please?”
“I am a time traveler” I was just silent because I was not going to entertain Doctor Who being thrown into this at this time.
So then I get back… “Mm – M.”
I said “not clear enough” and then I got “Martin Mathews, or Mathew Martian.  Which do you like better?”
I said “not clear enough” and got “ok ok let’s go with Martian Mathews.”
Seriously … my impression is of a higher intelligence however he is really a goof… what the heck?
So ignoring Teacher Dude for a while, (not sure I will ever call him Martian Mathews directly because it is so weird) I focused in on remote viewing and tracing when this intelligence first showed up.  I got a good lock on him being there during the road trip this summer, and then I had an even stronger impression of him being there when I flew to Edmonton in May.  That his energy as part of the reason why the both trips went so well and I had such a good time during them.  So I decided that the starting point must have been in May, and that means he has been around for at least 5 months?
Then pretty much looking like the picture above he says, “Actually I was there too when you were channeling the Cosmic Mother.  Remember that?” 
I am again saying, “Who the f… are you?”  
“We already decided that remember?” 
Then he went on to give me more details.  He is just taking this form to communicate with me.  He is a representation of a soul group I am a part of.  One” of the soul groups I am a part of as we are all members of several at one time.  Contact was made when I started asking for spiritual assistance with my memories in April.  It was natural for him to show up because as this representative, he is actually a part of my Akashic records.
He was showing me volumes of books…
Sort of like a Over soul yet he is not…
So I am still on the fence.  He is not harmful to me but a little wacky.  He says I am just too serious lately and I agree.  A lot of my focus since the trip to Edmonton in May has been on being more light- hearted.  I want to be happy more than I am any other emotion if that makes sense.  So at least 51 percent happy / 49 percent all other emotions.  At least.  So if this is the point to Teacher Dude showing up, what can it hurt.  For now, he is going to stay in the back ground because I just can’t sign off on a channeled message with either title.
With Humor, Lois
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