November 6th 2016 – My main spirit Guide Aza

As I wake up and tune in this morning I am Listening to Shirley MacLaine’s independent radio online and she is interviewing Dr. Rudy Shields on the Universe. Very interesting interview! This weekend was the global CE5 meditation night so it seemed fitting.

I am happy to say that it is my long-term guide Aza who stepped forward this morning to talk. He starts out with one of his favorite topics, Earth resonance and magnetic field. He has not talked to me about this in a long while.


Have you ever stood in front of a waterfall, even a small one? If so, then you have experienced the natural resonance of the earths magnetics. I want to talk to you about the inspiration that is present currently. The Earth is just finishing a refreshing or realignment of the magnetics created by this planet.

As some of you are aware, the earths core has shifted and there is a change in the polarity. Interesting enough you are all going through a shift from polarity or duality thinking to one of Unity. It is not surprising that the planet has come through that journey with you, in respect to it’s relationship with the Galaxy.

The gentleness of this process for the planet is truly glorious. As you know, you have all been oscillating emotionally between being feeling of inner peace and utter turmoil. As the living, your reflection of the state of the physical Earth, is shown by the emotional body. Thus, is the empathic connection set up since the beginning of time between you and your Gaia.

With each of your oscillations you came a little step closer to the goal of this year. The steps were actually taken during the turmoil, and the inner peace was for you to rest up and get ready for the next step. Some of you experienced this as if it was an out of body event, or by being slightly disassociated. Trust that your personal journey thus far was the right one for you to have.

Just like in the last two decades your Sol has taken a big part in this process. It has been fueling the earth and its inhabitants. Some of this exchange has been frightening to the scientists and I want to talk about that for a moment also.

Yes, you are all correcting in the desire to switch to a more sustainable and healthier source of energy. Never doubt that. However, part of the changes going on with the rise in CO2 level and green house gases increasing, is not just because of human production, but also because there is a necessity at this time. The two coupled together is why it feels frightening.

I also want you to know that what you are being told is creating all the CO2 is also a mistruth. As individuals, you are not creating as much as technology is. Science and industry needs to be the focus, and it needs to be clear that they are accountable ethically. This would be the best place to focus your celestial thought manifestation. The pipeline rallies really need your attention, but not by saying no to oil. Instead they need to say yes to what is to be the future.

Trust your empathic connection to Gaia, and spend time communicating with her. The solution, the path out of this moment in your history is there for you to follow.

I want to present to you the thought, that all of this is of value, and that during the times of despair, you are doing your best work to create a better tomorrow. This spiritual state is not going to go on forever, it is going to end at some point in the future so you can begin to rebuild.

By being born onto this planet, in this part of the Galaxy, you were encoded with its frequency and resonance. With this changing, with this become more, you are journeying along with it. Please know that the lowering of the Earth frequency was purposely done and now is the time for that to be alleviated. When it is alleviated all will be revealed to you, again, in a remembering.

There will be no shock in this remembering, so there will be no fear. You will remember what is the truth, instead of it being told to you from the outside. Your star family will show up at that point, the truth about science and spirituality will be understood, AND disclosure will happen from the inside out as you connect in Unity.
Fear can not be present in that dynamic, and power over ceases to exist.

When the truth comes from inside instead of being imposed from an outside source then changes in your emotional bodies will have matured. This oscillation effect you are experiencing presently, will then, be hard to even remember.

I need to talk a moment here about the political climate present in North America because it is linked to what I am saying. As old systems dissolve, as one by one you are able to remember truth from the inside, change will be grand and quick. Shifting will happen, but due to who you are in the Galaxy, and the role you play, being driven by discontent has to be a part of the program. This will not also be so. In fact, you are in the age where this is the last time this will take place. The quickest way to journey through all this, however, is to let go of resistance. Connect to Gaia with the new resonance and magnetics and the resistance will dissolve.
Tell yourself as needed “Fear can not exist at the higher vibration nor, with the new magnetics.”

Keep in mind that even when it seems overwhelming, the change is to occur as quickly as it can with the least amount of effect individually. There is so much grace and provenance being allotted to all of you currently from many sources, I want you to know that you are all being held sacredly and with love. We are all here for you, with you, and because of you and the need for change.

All of you, at a soul level, are the Universe inside a body. You will return to the Universal source at some point when the time is right to be reborn. Be the observer, and know your soul is whole and intact no matter what happens in the physical experience.

When this is all done, you won’t need to stand in front of a waterfall to experience the resonance of the magnetic connect to Gaia. Because it will be accessible just by placing your thought energy to locate it where ever you may be.


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