November 13th 2016 message from the Collective.

Once again I am posting this early… because I think it is needed now.
I have been struggling with a case of “I don’t give a shit” for several days.  I have no motivation to do, try or engage.  I think that this is completely understandable, or at least I can see why I feel this way.  I am just tired, and need things to move forward again.  I would love to just turn a blind eye to all that is going on in the world but that is not a possibility anymore.  I am over run by what others are experiencing too… empathic overload is a good way to put it.
Connecting to my guides has been difficult.  Every time I get anywhere near that Akashic Records area I want to immediately disconnect.  Then I remember “Oh yeah they copy and placed an upgraded version in the Celestial – go there silly”.
All of this has led me to be very reclusive too.
So here is what my guides gave me to post for all of you. It is a collective message.  I can even feel Eant and Dude in there… They have decided to call it “The all collective voice”.
None of us can truly express how this is manifesting for you, because we are not in your reference, your perspective.  That does not devalue any of it.
We know many of you are experiencing flux and angst due to the US election.  However, this message recognizes that it is a symptom of a large change occurring.
We are not going to go into the explanation of why.  You have already heard that or assessed your own conclusions.  Instead here are three simple steps to help you along your journey.
  1)    Return to simply breathing correctly.  All of you have forgotten to do that.  Close your eyes. Breathe down into your diaphragm… draw the air into your chest towards your solar plexus.  Practice this focus for at least 5 minutes at a time as needed.
  2)      Completely disconnect from the spiritual realms (not from life), from the Akashic records, from the energy of each other, and sit in spiritual solitude.  I trust you will know how long you need to do this.  All that fear being projected out there is multiplying and you need to take personal responsibility for managing your part in this.  One at a time, one moment at a time.
  3)      Know that your emotions are important.  So, while disconnected work on examining them.  Look for feelings that direct you towards healing. 
  Transmute feelings to an expression that serves you better.   An example would be all that fear – look for what you need to transmute it into.  Fear paralyzes, isolates, produces hate – what emotion can you step into that will enable you instead?  Look at all the feelings, value them, learn from them.
You are an influence.  You matter.  What is going on for you personally is reflected out there to the collective consciousness… never forget that.  It is not the other way around.
The all collective voice

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