Channelled message – how to navigate the remainder of 2021

Oct 30th, 2021

I was slow getting the details of this message, but once I had a hook into it, the flow happened. What I sent out to my guides was basically the question I posted on the group page. Although Ezajabah started this message, she didn’t finish it. So, a new guide stepped in, and I will let you know his details when I have them. So, this is one of two messages from Ezajabah and the new guide. This one is related to the remainder of the year.

The one for 2022 is going to be rather long-winded…

I want to point out that the blog I posted in June of 2021 had a lot of channelled information. It is called ‘Confirmation t and Controversy,’ and it is on my website. So in hindsight, that new guide was involved in that one too.

Ezajabah decided to start by jumping right in with no preamble.


Energy is the foundation of matter, and it can not be lost. It can only be transformed. So it is not surprising that as you start out in a new direction here, the key to maintaining balance is focusing on energy.

You matter.

Right now, misguided people are influencing the transformation and progression of the bigger picture. They are using distraction techniques, so you cannot focus on where your energy is going. Some of you will recognize this idea from the movie called the Matrix. This is not the Hollywood version I am talking about here, there is no alternate reality – yet, but instead the division of realities. You can easily see the divide without taking the red pill.

Divide and conquer is a tactic used in many situations. So, to manage and fulfill your purpose currently in history, I want you to take pause and look at what you are assigning your energy to. Not so much at how it serves you, but instead how scattered your energy is right now.

Do you feel depleted, drained, unfocused, or like nothing is getting any better? That is unfortunately real, but know you can change it right now. I suggest you give yourself a day to ponder how many directions your energy is going in. Pick the ones that mean the most to you. Is it family? Is it protesting what is going on in the world right now? Is it your business or job? By simply focusing on a select one or two, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel. You will get your energy back. Remember, it can never be lost, but you can be manipulated into thinking it is.

Another step you must all take is to cut the cords to the fear circulating in the Collective Consciousness. YOU are co-creating that fear by staying attached to it. Fear is never in the now, it is something you obsess over, and most of the time, what you are afraid of does not appear. It is a reaction. I want you to act instead.

You have many systems of energy in your world, and one of them is currency. Do you think that it was an accident that is called currency? How is your current? Are you flowing? How is currency being used to manipulate and control the world around you? What do you think about switching from currency to a credit system? Please stop and fully understand what that means on a spiritual level. Credit implies there is a debt.

Please remember that you are never alone and that you are doing the influencing. I know that is hard to understand, so let me make it simpler. You are ‘all that is’, in an experience of the physical. The I am. There is no separation, so to say that some people are greedy and misguided is also to say that you are all in the same boat. Do you understand just how important knowing this is?

I want you to anchor yourself in that thought because everything else is the illusion of being in the physical.

You are all a part of evolution; the experience you are having, as I have said in the past, is the vehicle you are navigating with. Yes, you can switch vehicles, so switch vehicles. Take one thing at a time and trust that you will all find your own unique individual ways, and things will fall into place. They will fall into place quicker, easier if you are not trying to be all things, do all things, or pay attention to all things. Try this- what happens if your attention is focused again on what you want to create instead of what you fear. Bring your ‘self’ back into a whole, and with that whole being focus on one thing, through to completion. Trust that this will spread in the collective consciousness.

I hope this will help all of you feel the support and encouragement always offered from Source.



(This new guide has such a different method of relaying a message. It seems more down-to-earth, easier to understand. Not as loftily. Lois)

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