A prayer, invocation for BC Canada. November 19th 2021.

Our words matter, and intention matters. Join me…

With clear thoughts and heart, WE invoke Gaia and her elements, her culture. I ask that we, as residents, continue to align with her, learning and growing as her stewards. May her gatekeepers be known to us and hear our call.

We say all creatures and beings are of equal importance in the balance of life. Therefore, all plants are recognized as Gaia, not in separation, but as an expression of her life force.

Be known that joy, community, communion, and the frequency of love are the true empowerment, the journey humanity walks. All other paths are insignificant in comparison. Stress, damage, brutality, and disdain dwindled and turned to ash in the way of the true path.

Think on the true path into the future, aligning with ease, grace, and sustainability. Know the 500 year and 1000-year plan begins today as a circle – continuum.

The west coast resonates and vibrates to a frequency of less it harms none, and so it is. The shifting seamlessly to its rightful place protected and glorious.

~ Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

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