January 30th 2022 – Day three of the Convoy for Freedom being on Parliment Hill, Ottawa.

I am starting with a quote/link from CTV news and following some links afterward. This is a real-time version of disinformation.

The quote below is just one example of where the CTV article goes dark in a situation that has brought light to many people across our country. Spiritual movements and religions have been started by less in the past. Yet, our governing bodies (like the mainstream media, let’s face it, they are more in control than our government) are making a constant and persistent effort to dumb things down.

My message, again, is clear – You’ve been here, you’ve made your point, you’ve protested, you’ve disrupted a lot of communities – the ByWard Market, Centretown and so on in our city – it’s time for you to go back to your home,” said Watson on CTV News Channel. “Because we have to start rebuilding our economy because COVID-19 has been devastating to a lot of small businesses.”


The focus at this part of the article is the amount of traffic in the city and the thousands of people. Then they say, “it is continuing the economic loss to the businesses already damaged by the pandemic…” ( I am paraphrasing here)


Last time I checked the crowdfunding project was over 8 million dollars. All of those businesses should be getting a boost this weekend. A spending spree and an influx of money. And for that matter, this should have created the same effect all across the country and continent in all directions that the Convoy traveled. So how can this statement be true? Is it a blatant attempt to focus a negative spin, or is it just ignorance? It doesn’t matter. Because once it gets into the news like that, by a so-called official, it is next to impossible to spin it back the other way. So susceptible people will only read or hear that it caused harm.

In the links below you will see the live coverage. I want to point out, one thing. when it was said in the CTV news they praticed crowd management to de-esculate many situtations, you can see in the videos below, that is not the case. There were things being managed by the people invovled. If the police got involved it was not because it was needed, it was because that is what they are being paid to do at the event. This is Canada for crying out loud, we apologize for everything.

This link is to a YouTube Channel called ‘Ottawalks.’


Saturday January 29th night coverage from Ottawalks.

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