Newsletter February 7 to 14th 2022

I have a saying, “Do well as you do good.”

I practice my spirituality as a lifestyle. I also do not separate what is going on in the world, good or bad, from my practices. I review and look at what others are going through and how I can be an effective agent for change. Defining moments for me happen at various times throughout my day. I have an extreme compacity for compassion and forgiveness. However, I am also an Aries true, and through. This means I can be a Pitbull when it matters. I am not sure this is comfortable for everyone I am close to, but it is my Authentic Mystic. The “I am.”

So, when I say to you that things this year are changing for the better, that I wake up every day and feel an incredible sense of Joy, I am sure that a LOT of people are giving me the stink eye. I agree this feeling is contrary to a lot of others’ experiences.

When I say I have Joy, it does not negate the struggles we will face in a post-pandemic, newly endemic world. It simply means that our collective energy has shifted. I believe in my heart that we are experiencing the 100th monkeys’ effect right now in real-time.

The Hundredth Monkey Effect is the spontaneous transference of knowledge throughout a species once a certain number of individuals has learned a new idea or action.

Science, Spiritualists, and Historians have all hypothesized that a population sampling can have power over the masses in a cascading effect. I think that the darkness we have gone through in the last two years has achieved this cascading effect. The narrative has swung to the understanding we are more in control than we have been led to believe. We have been waiting for this moment to arrive.

This year is going to have its ups and downs. My guides have shown me some interesting scenarios that ‘might’ play out, but we have made it over the hill in the long run – the long haul. I am fueled by this on into the future.

I will in every moment do well as I do good.

Always use first had personal expereinces over what you see reported.

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